Catholic magazines for kids: are there any?


Catholic magazines for kids: are there any? I’m interested in giving subscriptions to some of my nieces and nephews as Christmas gifts.

The kids vary in age from about 7 to 18. Although I’d want the magazines to be fun and “kid friendly,” they need to be orthodox and teach the faith in their pages. I’m not just looking for “Tiger Beat” with a Catholic name on the cover.



For the girls, we highly recommend True Girl Magazine. It’s been out almost a year now and rather small, but my dd’s love it (ages almost 12 and 14).


my son (15y/o) reads Breakaway


Have any of you subscribed to “My Friend”? I am considering this as a Christmas gift for my 11 year old Goddaughter.

Is she too old for this publication?

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I send my grandkids magnifikids, and they really do use it at Mass (started when the oldest was preparing for 1st communion) it is the only book DD allows them to take to Church. but that is not a kid’s magazine in the way you mean. I should know, but I don’t have never seen anything in that line but would welcome reviews by knowledgeable parents. if you know of anything for kids or teens in Spanish, I would also be grateful.


This is an interesting question.

I went through my catalog box, next to the recycling pile, and pulled out all the Catholic publishers’ catalogs that I could find.


Didn’t actually find any Catholic kid’s magazines.

HOWEVER, many of the publishers had inexpensive books for kids, in both English and Spanish, with a variety of topics.

It’s a lot of work, but you could order a bunch of books and then distribute them on a monthly basis. It depends on the maturity of the kids involved and all that. Coloring books; lives of the saints; Our Lady;

Here are some of the publishers. You might want to get their catalogs and browse until something “moves you”. see page 6 of the Christmas insert of the Fall/Winter 2006 Catalog

Catholic Answers catalog pages 32, 33 etc … stuff for kids page 26 summer 2006 catalog pages 40-55 tons of stuff for kids … Spanish and Englsh. call 877-228-2665

Anyway, before they “time me out”, try those.

Let us know what you end up with.


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