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Hello everyone,

Would someone help me connect with the Catholic Magicians Guild? This is a group similar to the Fellowship of Gospel Magicians, but it does not seem to be up and running anymore. Its five stated goals (as listed by Angelo Stagnaro’s book The Catechist’s Magic Kit) are to :

1.Help parishes by augmenting catechetical instruction with stage or close-up magic,
2.Spread devotion to Sts. Don Bosco, Nicholas Owen, and Genesius—patron saints of magic,
3.Offer services to Catholic fraternal and philanthropic organizations for fundraising, etc.,
4.Evangelize and instruct non-Catholics in our faith throught the vehicle of Gospel Magic,
5.Instruct the general public of the tricks and traps of charlatans who present themselves as having magical powers or psychic abilities.


David Dayton

I think this website might help you:

Unfortunately it is undergoing a redesign at the time and the only information they provide is an e-mail address.

How can magics fit in the line of catholicism? Is this a trick of the devil? Makes no sense to me. More like a cult. My recommendation to you would be, get away from magics. Jesus is not about magics.

Magic is slight of hand. It is not of the devil.

I do not agree.

You do realize the difference between magic as in “party tricks for kids” and magic as in “attempting to control natural phenomena”, don’t you? The latter is often spelled “magick” by its practitioners, anyway, to differentiate it from the party tricks kind.

Yep the OP is talking about sleight of hand tricks and illusions. That is all.

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