Catholic Magzines


What are y’alls thoughts on Faith and Family and Canticle magazines?


I LOVE Faith & Family! It is a very interesting read and faithful to the Church. Most of the articles are highly relevant to daily life as a Catholic family. One of my favorite sections is the calendar, which points out important feast/holy days and offers suggestions on celebrating them as a family.

I am unfamiliar with Canticle.



Faith and Family is top notch!! —KCT


I don’t know anything about either – from what I’ve read of various Catholic rags, Homiletic & Pastoral Review is the only one to which I’ve considered subscribing. Keep in mind that I’m not Catholic though :wink:


I receive Canticle magazine, and I enjoy it very much. It is the publication of the Women of Grace ministry, started by Johnette Benckovic and addresses authentic feminity on today’s world.


PS Go to the Women of Grace website for more info.


I like Faith & family a lot. I also enjoy the CCL’s publication, Family Foundations.
I’ve heard of canticle but never seen an issue.


I enjoy them both!


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