"Catholic Man dies and finds out by Jesus Christ that Catholicism leads straight to Hell for eternity"

This makes me sad as to how many people believe this. I know that I cannot change peoples beliefs but I just wish they knew that Catholicism is the one true church created by Jesus and handed down to St.Peter. You just ever wish the Lord would show you a way to lead these people to the right path? I do, but if that is not what the Lord provides, I look foward to the future as he is always victorious in his ways.

Dominus Vobiscum


That’s an old Jack Chick tract. I’ve encountered people placing these before. I don’t hesitate to gather them up and deposit them in the nearest trash bin. They cost about 17¢ per comic so they’ve definitely wasted quite a bit of money because of me.


Just pray for those people.

My friend and I collect Chick Tracts. Some of them aren’t bad. Some of them are awful. I pray for Jack’s soul.


I would day thats a rather “charitable donation” :joy:


It is desperately sad that people still believe this.

I have to say, though, the peculiar rendition of the dialogues caused a wry smile. It sounded so strange, so insincere. Was it done via a voice synthesiser do you think? The pauses and emphasis were so strange.


Yea, about 1.7 million people viewd this video which is considered a lot on YouTube. And I think a good chunk of those people supported this unfortunately. And I think a voice synthesizer was used, I have no doubt about it.

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Yup. Back many, many years ago when I was an Adventist…I was one of those people that carried a stack of his tracts to “evangelize” those hopelessly ignorant & tragic Papists. I look back some 25 years later and feel both amusement (at myself for believing such garbage) and also shame…knowing that it might have been the last straw a Catholic struggling with their faith needed to make “the decision.”


The ironic (and sad) thing about those tracts is that they severely misconstrue the teachings of the Church (and viciously, at that)… and the response when told of this is typically “no, you’re wrong”. In other words, they believe in “traditions of men”, just like they accuse us of doing… they just have different ‘men’ and different ‘traditions’ that they listen to.


In Karl Keatings book he brought out the point that the “lunatic fringe” of anti-Catholicism, like Chick tracts, tends to lend a greater air of legitimacy to the more scholarly anti-Catholic works and make them seem a lot more respectable and believable, when that stuff is just as wrong, just presented in a much more respectable way.


Oh my goodness, I watched that video several years ago and spiraled into almost a depression from it. I was incredibly stressed and afraid that the Church was untrue. Luckily, research helped me understand the errors of the video. We must pray for the makers of the video that they will take it down.


“To be steeped in history is to cease to be Protestant.” The antidote to the accusations of heretics is study of the Fathers.


Very true.

I know right! If I would have watched this video when I had been uneducated, I would have believed this. Fortunately, I already know this video is just garbed lol

Thank You Jesus for keeping @Larquetta in the Church You founded 2000 years ago.


Urgh. My heart hurts when I see something like this. I’ll be praying for those who believe in these lies.


If I were to ever encounter again someone who actually bought into this stuff, I think I would steer him into looking into this man and his history. It is rather black, emotionally. He was almost Howard Hughes-like in his paranoia and seclusion, without even getting into his actual conspiracy theories. He was talented at drawing propaganda style cartoons, to be sure, but that should only raise the question of why truth would need such blatant exaggeration and propaganda techniques. His art is very similar to Nazi anti-Semitic work.


There’s one person in our community who has handed these out before, and he occasionally mails out tracts to everyone. Must cost him a fortune. From what I see at the post office, the majority go straight to the garbage bin.


Here in SC we usually find them in public restrooms. How appropriate.


What led you to the true Church?

Catholic Answers used to have a fairly lengthy critique on Chick Tracts on its site… but it was removed at some point later on. Not sure why it was removed. Maybe it was because they published that “The Nightmare World of Jack Chick” booklet later on which I think may have had the same content (it had the same title as the article so presumably a lot of its material was re-used), but that booklet isn’t published anymore and is hard to find now. Might be a good idea for them to put it back onto the site.

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