Catholic man marries Episcopal Woman

So, I , a Catholic, was just engaged to my girlfriend, an Episcopal. We are beginning to plan our wedding, wondering how to work out the officiants. We are both dedicated to our faiths and also to each other. We have discussed conversion and know that neither is ready, but might be possibile in the future. For now and for the wedding, she would prefer to marry in an Episcopal church, hoping that we can go through marriage counseling within both churches and have a Catholic priest present to officiate with the Episcopal priest. confusing, I know.

I think this can be done, but a question remains about the order of the liturgies and what can be done for the Liturgy of the Eucharist, how communion happens, catholics and episcopalians present together, etc, etc. Very confusing, and I wanted to have some idea before we went out to talk to both of our churches. Any thoughts?

You have to get a dispensation to marry a non-Catholic, and a dispensation to get married outside of a Catholic Church if you’re trying to get married in your Girlfriend’s religious building.

Catholics cannot recieve Episcopal communion, and Episcopalians cannot recieve Catholic Communion, though the Episcopalians may feel otherwise.

I realize you not only love her greatly, but you also respect her very much. This is a wonderful thing.

But it would go a lot better for the both of you in the long run if she converted, honestly. You two are in a tough situation.

I am not even a Catholic and I can see that.

If you need more specifics about the possibility of a ceremony in her church, I suggest you get that from your priest, or you can write to the “Ask an Apologist” section here (and wait forever for an answer).

I suggest that you forget about communion, you cannot receive hers and she cannot receive yours, and that goes for everyone on both sides. It could become embarrassingly offensive to some guests.

Good luck,

Not if she’s just going through the motions for his sake. Better a sincere Episcopalian than a Catholic-in-name-only. Of course, he could also choose to convert.

Catholic Chuch, Catholic Mass…that’s what you should do. :smiley:

You really think that a Catholic Priest is going to go to the Episcopal Church, hold a Mass for your wedding, give Holy communion to just you and your Catholic family, etc? :blush:

She doesn’t have to convert to have the wedding at the Catholic Chuch!

I attended a wedding not too long ago, at which both a Catholic priest and an Episcopal priest presided. Both prepared the Eucharist and distributed it to their respective “sides”.

It might be well to avoid the problem with the Eucharist by having a Liturgy of the Word with no Communion. This is the common, and recommended, practice when one party is non-Catholic.

Have you both decided in which church you plan on raising your children?

God Bless!

You only need ‘permission’ to marry a baptized non-Catholic, said permission might be given by your priest depending on the diocese. You would need a dispensation from canonical form but that is usually easy to get if there is no question that you will remain a practicing Catholic.

What you need to do is meet with your priest and do all the pre-nuptial stuff that’s required. He will petition the bishop for your dispensation if you ask to be married in the Episcopal Church.

I would love to hear a canon lawyer’s take on that one!!

How sad it is. Jesus didn’t intend for this and he even said that we should be as one. The Catholic church has done so much to create separation and ill will amongst other God loving Christians and it is so very sad. The Episcopalians woul be ever so willing to share in communion with Catholics, but they only refuse and continue to uphold this stale mate if you will. It is senseless.

Problem: Episcopalians believe in the real presence too. How about respecting their wishing to receive Christ.

Belief in the Real Presence is not enough. By receiving communion in the Catholic Church, one sends a message that they believe everything the Church teaches about the Eucharist and that they are in communion with the Church.

That is absolutely prohibited. Not only is it a mockery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, it gives scandal to the faithful who attend.

BTW, a priest does not “prepare” the Eucharist. :rolleyes:

We are talking about respecting the beliefs of everyone here, not shoving more of your semantics down someone’s throat.


A simple request: if you want people’s beliefs to be respected, then don’t mock the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Semantics? I don’t get that accusation. Epicopalians cannot receive Communion in the Catholic Church nor can Catholics receive Communion at an Epicopal church. The reasons are spelled out in canon law and it is not semantics. The commonly suggested way to avoid hurt feelings and confusion when planning a mixed wedding is to have the marriage ceremony without Mass.

I don’t get it. :confused:

Who is mocking them? I am merely saying that equal respect should be given to the Episcopal church. You shouldn’t be making such statements that only give merit to the Catholic Eucharist and the doctrine surrounding while sneering at the Episcopalians as if they were evil. Very uncharitable.

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