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I am a faithful Roman Catholic. There does not exist in my mind any doubt that the Catholic Church is the true faith. I have no intentions of converting, trust me. I am, however, in an interesting circumstance: I am applying to a christian college that is evangelist. If they were to accept me, it would be mandatory for me to attend their chapel three times a week, at least. If it were up to me, I would simply not attend, but then they would fine me and place me on probation.

Would it be a sin for me to attend the protestant services?

As long as you go to Catholic Mass on the weekend (Sat eve. or Sunday), you can also attend protestant servives.

But consult your priest about it, because it sounds like it wouldn’t allow you to be a practicing Catholic (esp. on weekends).

Thank you :slight_smile:

If they say I cannot be a Catholic and attend their school, I’ll be out of there, rest assured. If they don’t, it could be a good chance for evangelization (Acts 14:1), who knows?

As long as you do not participate in their communion then there is no sin in it. If you, as a Catholic, participate in protestant communion though then that is scandalous and mortal sin.
Theirs is a symbol. Ours, as I’m sure you are aware, is the real thing. Never compromise that.

Hey, sure beats working at a secular college. I just graduated from a secular university. So glad to be out of there. You can be an example for others, living your Catholic faith.

I’m not sure why you would want to attend such a school. Your time is too valuable to spend in a mandatory protestant service.

I also question whether the school is accredited, meaning that other schools or employers would accept degrees conferred. The strict attendance policies make me question whether it is a college, or a seminary. A seminary many nly issue degrees that are accepted within the denomination.

Is there any reason you cannot attend a Catholic college/university? That way you would be able to avoid your dilemma and Mass attendance would not be an issue. As far as evangelization, God knows that our Catholic campuses are rife with “cradle Catholics”, lapsed Catholics etc. that are in need of evangelization and living catechesis.

I think this college would be sinning against you, by disrespecting your freedom to worship according to your faith.

Do you realize that by participating in communal worship and/or prayer in the college’s chapel, you would be professing some beliefs which would contradict or distort your own? This not only is potentially harmful to your own faith, but it is a source of scandal – because you as a Catholic would be publicly disowning part of what you believe. Please discuss this situation with a priest.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to call the Admissions Office first to double check on the policy – to see if fines and probation are actually imposed on students who do not share the faith expression of the college.

Is there no other option available to you, with regard to a college education?

I had a Catholic acquaintance who attended a school like this once. He said it turned out disastrous for two main reasons. One is that, despite it not being in the rules and regulations of the school, when they found out he was attending another Church service besides their mandatory ones (mass, of course), they began to fine him for it anyway. Other people attended outside services that were baptist or generic, too, but were not fined. Just him, the Catholic. Secondly, despite being an excellent student, it became apparent to him very quickly that part of his grade was based on his personal beliefs, meaning that as long as he remained Catholic, no matter how well he did on assignments and tests, his grades were so poor that he could not have graduated with a degree. He got passing grades, but you have to have at least a 2.5 in your major, and they weren’t giving him that.

The point is that I highly recommend against it. It is their job to “save” you from your Catholicism and attending school there gives them HUGE power and authority over you and it is extremely easy for them to manipulate you like they tried to my acquaintance.

I agree with Nigel7 It is not a sin to attend a protestant service, as long as you do not participate in their communion service. At the frequency of 3 times a week for however long you are in this institution, your Catholic faith may be in jeopardy. It all comes down to the depth of your Catholic faith; if your faith is as strong as the early Christians who lived in pagan countries, but still upheld their faith for years, i would say go for it. In this case you will come out as a stronger Catholic. Otherwise it may not be worth the risk. Goodluck

Could you please advise why you choose to apply to this school? **

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