Catholic Marriage Counseling


My background: I am a legally divorced woman with three children. I will stand by my wedding vows till the day I die; annulment is not an option.

During the course of our marital counseling I was very disappointed in the new age views on marriage. The emphasis seemed to be take care of yourself and make a decision to divorce or stay together. Although our counselor was Catholic, for ethical reasons she did not talk of the religious aspects in her counseling.

What I found lacking was the emphasis on the importance of marriage as a sacrament. In addition, counselors seem to sugar coat things instead of telling you the harsh reality of your decisions.

I have a degree in psychology and have always wanted to further my education in the field of psychology/counseling. In the past few months I have discovered a calling to be a marriage councilor with an emphasis on Catholic teachings.

I am researching various graduate programs and cannot wait to go back to school.

Question: Does anyone have any advice on the best avenue to take to ensure my training has a Catholic basis? Are there institutions that offer this kind of training vs. standard marital counseling?


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