Catholic Marriage with Unbaptized, Divorced Person

I am a Catholic widow. I would like to marry a man who has never been baptized in any religion nor practiced any. 52 years ago he impregnated a teenage girl who was Catholic. Her parish Priest would not marry them but they “shopped” for a younger priest who would. There was no permission for the diocesan Bishop, although this man did promise to raise the child as a Catholic. The marriage did not last very long and they were divorced. Can I marry him in a Catholic ceremony?

Best to get with your Priest and get all of this settled with his help.


Speak with your priests.

Objectively it SOUNDS like it MIGHT be possible to have his marriage annulled.

So start the annulment process right away.

NOTE: in many dioceses today, the process is now free or close to it. So please call your priest today

God Bless

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Seek the advise of a priest. This maybe very difficult to arrange.

I understand that sometimes it is intimidating, difficult or both to get in to speak to your priest. I would suggest you google to find the website of your Diocese, then, call to speak to someone at the Tribunal. They will help you on the process.

Your intended will likely need to know the place where his ex was baptized so the Tribunal can request her official Sacramental records. This will tell if the marriage was ever recorded with the Church.

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