Catholic Married Couple Social Groups?



My wife and I recently married and are looking to join a social group of married couples of the Catholic faith in the south Orange County, CA, USA area. We have contacted our church and they know of no such social groups. What we are trying to do is surround ourselves with married couples (unfortunately, we don’t have any in our circle of friends) so we would have examples to look to and possibly a shoulder to lean on if we need advice with married life (of course, we want to be that shoulder for other married couples as well). Does anyone know of any such groups in our area? Please feel free to either reply here or send me a private message.



While I understand wanting married people part of your support, don't think that single people can't be that support as well. As a single person, I've been often looked to by couples to objectively see issues that they are going through, even if it is just as simple as articulating the problem better.

Just because someone is single doesn't mean they don't know about the human condition.


Why not VOLUNTEER at your parish? I’m sure there are plenty of groups that could use some help! That’s the BEST way to meet other practicing Catholics! :thumbsup:
But don’t go in it just for the “social” aspects… do it with a sharing heart. But you’ll be surprised how you can form bonds with others in this way.

Become RCIA sponsors.
Teach CCD.
Join the St. Vincent DePaul Society and help the needy in your area.


Couples for Christ is good, but I don't know if it is active in your area.


My wife and I are in Baltimore and looking for the same thing. It is so hard to find good grounded truly faithful Catholic friends. I heard once though that, once you obtain the virtues you are looking for in friends, spouse, etc… you will find those friends etc…
Easier said than done. I talk a good game but sin constantly. Hopefully my will will catch up to my intelect.


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