Catholic marries non-catholic divorcee


as the title says. I am a Catholic born and raise, who married a non-catholic christian divorced woman. How is this marriage viewed in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church?


From the few details you gave I would say the marriage is not valid. You married outside the Church and to a woman who has been divorced. The thing to have done would be to have gone to a priest first and he could have advised you from there if after investigating her first marriage to see if it was a valid one. From there you could have been guided on the possibility of her getting an annulment so that you could have had a valid marriage in the Church. All this can still be done. Since you say she is a Christian ,the Catholic Church may very well consider her first marriage a valid one but then again you don`t give too many details and so much depends on the individual circumstances. Again,I encourage you to go and talk to a priest and hopefully you can get everything straightened out.


I am in a similar predicament. I am now a practicing Catholic and married a non-Catholic in a non-religious ceremony.

Talk to your parish priest. He would have the answer for you. Did she have children from her previous marriage? If not, you may be able to have your marriage blessed by the church if your priest and bishop allow it. For my husband and I, neither were married before nor had children until after we wed.

He had to guarantee the church (in writing) that our children would be raised in the Catholic faith before the priest would bless the marriage and I be allowed to receive the sacraments. Every day I pray for him to receive God in his life and you might consider this too.

A simple prayer my deacon gave me is to pray to the Blessed Virgin for intercession of your wife's soul -

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


Unfortunatly, the situation of the OP`s a comlicated by the fact that his wife has been divorced and you say you and your husband had never been previously married to anyone else. I do hope he follow up on this and talks to a priest.


Children require guidance and direction. Adults, on the other hand, can make independent decisions.

These independent decisions would include such matters as whether, whom, where, and how to marry.

Folks who do not feel competent to make their own decisions, can allow others to decide for them.

Since I am not a child, I would not allow any outside agency, such as the church, to choose whom I could, or could not, marry.

Other people can do as they like.


That depends. I don’t think you give enough details. But, if you had married in the Church with all the proper permissions and her marriage had gone through the nullity process I don’t think you’d be asking.

So, if one assumes you did **not **get married in the Catholic Church, and that she did not have a decree of nullity from her prior marriage, then your marriage is invalid.

You need to go see your priest.


I recently went to confession after a very long hiatus from the church. I am currently married to a non-Catholic man, and our ceremony was not performed in the church. Now...I was also previously married, but it didn't last long as my husband at the time was an alcoholic and a drug addict, so we divorced. When explaining this to the priest, he asked me if we were married in the church and I said yes. So he suggested I get n annulment and then get my current marriage blessed by the church to make it valid.

The impression that I got in talking with this priest....and mind you, I could be wrong....was that if my previous marriage was performed outside of the church then I wouldn't need an annulment as the marriage would have never been valid according to the church to begin with and I would have been able to proceed in getting my current marriage blessed. suggested already, talking to the priest seems like a wise decision.


First of all, I know plenty of adults that NEED guidance and direction. Interestingly, these are usually the same adults that feel competent in their decision making skills. Which is why they generally make insane decision after another. Their ego generally too big to ask for assistance.

Polygamy is illegal in the US. So that’s a gov’t outside agency. And right now, most areas say that a man can not marry another man, or a woman another woman.

And generally, that’s what the church states. It’s just that the line gets fuzzy when a person gets a divorce. Only the gov’t acknowledges a divorce. The church does not…

“What God has joined together, no man must put asunder.” Does NO ONE listen to these words?

So, just 'cause the gov’t says you’re divorced… you’re not.

Now, can you legally marry a divorcee? Sure. Will the church recognize that? Under certain circumstances, Yes, in others NO. And if you want to be in good standing with your faith… you ought to consider that. If you don’t care if you’re in good standing… then yeah… make whatever wanton decisions you feel like making…


Looks l;ike the op hasnt been back to commentbut again he if hes really interested in his faith and making his marriage valid in the eyes of the Church he needs to go talk to a priest. Sorry Magicman but your attitude towards the Church approving marriages is disobedient.

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