Catholic Mass AND Methodist Service


Decided to convert :smiley: during the college year, but I’ll be living with my mother during the summer. She has no problems with Catholicism, but she does not like the idea of me NOT going to a Methodist Service completely in favor of a Catholic Mass (she wants to go together). And no, she does not want to go to a Catholic Mass exclusively as she really likes the Methodist Church.
I know that Sunday Obligation doesn’t start until I’m received into the Church (will join RCIA January), however regardless it is good to start anyways. After all, it’s our Father’s house, who wouldn’t want to go. :slight_smile:

Anyways, I know it is a grave matter to skip the Sunday Obligation. On the forums they seem to say it’s okay to visit a protestant service (as long as one does not take protestant communion).

However, it’s not so much visiting but actually going there regularly for the summer. I will go to Catholic Mass regularly, but it is a sin to also regularly go to Methodist service on Sundays?


Why not attend Saturday vigil Mass that counts as Sunday, and then to keep Mom happy go to Methodist services Sunday morning?


I can definitely go to Sunday Mass, as they have an afternoon mass.
My question pertains to whether it is acceptable to go to a Methodist Service regularly in addition to Catholic Mass.


It is not a sin to go to a Methodist service. What you should avoid is confusion as to the validity of the Mass vs. a protestant service.


Not a sin…

Catholics are not forbidden from “attending” other religious services. (I would be careful about satanic worship, however:)). “Participation” in other religious services could be questionable.

Attending another religious service or worship cannot take the place of Sunday Mass.

As a Catholic, you could go to Methodist services every Sunday with your Mom…but you would still be obligated to attend Mass.

When I was in grammar school, the organist from the Presbyterian down the street would fill in for our organist from time to time. Some of our choir would sing at the Presbyterian service and then run down the street to sing at Mass. At times some of the Presbyterian choir would fill in at Mass. The Presbyterian kids would tease us because if they sang at our Church they were excused from their services…it didn’t work that way for us.



Number 13 in the second site above really jumped out at me. Very well stated.

Thank you for posting those sites.


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