Catholic Master of Social Work programs?


It's hard to believe it's time to start looking into grad school - it feels like Freshman Move-In day was last weekend or something. I was wondering if anyone knew of a Master of Social Work program at a good Catholic university? I've looked at a few, but thought maybe someone here would know of a friend or family member that had found a good program. I'm open to any location.


Wow - interesting thread! My sister’s about to graduate with her BA in Social Work and is looking into the options ahead as well.

Probably not an answer to your question… but something my sister is looking into is taking a year to do volunteer service. She’s looking into the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (similar to things like AmeriCorps, PeaceCorps - just Catholic)…

Best of luck to you on your adventure ahead - Social Work is a wonderful field of service to our neighbors in need! :thumbsup:


You might simply want to check which Catholic universities have master in social work programs. If you want more orthodox/conservative slant, you might want to contact Steubenville or the John Paul college ? for recommendations.


Congratulations to your sister, Emily! It’s always encouraging to hear there are other survivors! :smiley:

Thanks for the information, Bailey - I’ve looked at the Catholic University of America and a few others. I am very much interested in a conservative/traditional university - I will be brand spanking new to the Church when it’s my time to head out, and want a good foundation.

It’s interesting - I’ve spent my undergrad years at a Charismatic, non-denominational based university in the Southwest, and was VERY firm that grad school would happen in a State university environment. Now that I’m converting, things have definitely changed. . .I think if I was a cradle Catholic I wouldn’t be so hard set on a Catholic university, but since I’m not, I want as much of a spiritually-founded education as I can find - I have 20-ish years to catch up on.


I don't know if it has the program you are looking for but here in Jersey, Saint Peter's College is a great school...I got accepted there, didn't go though.


If you want to study social work from a Catholic perspective, make sure it's at a solidly Catholic university. Social work is a very liberal faith, morals, and beliefs were attacked on a daily basis when I was in grad school. It did however lead me to actually learn and study my faith, which in turn led me to the point where I am today. I do regret not being able to adequately defend my beliefs, though.

p.s. I still feel under attack on a regular basis by "liberals" and self-described feminists at my job (including some whom claim they are Catholic) :rolleyes: At least now I have a pretty good grip on Catholicism..


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