Catholic material to hand out to a Mormon


Okay Mormons have a thing called a pass along card and the JW have watchtowers.

Is there anything Catholic I can hand out to my mormon friend? I have tried to talk to her but she is blind to truth. I was thinking may be giving her surprised by truth but I think she will laugh.

Any suggestions. I hope I make sense:D


Hi Patty

I honestly don’t think anything you could give your friend to read would be received. If she is indeed blind to the truth, then the truth is probably going to be a deadend. Many Mormons don’t seem particularly bothered by the inconsistencies of their religion.

The ex-Mormons here may have better info for you, so stay tuned, I’m sure one of them will offer you something.

It seems to me that believing Mormons are pretty immune to most logical arguments. Now, if she’s having some doubts, then maybe you can probe into those a little. Polygamy seems to ring a chord with the ladies, for obvious reasons. Maybe you could tactfully start up some conversation about Mormon polygamy. She may not know much about it, so if you spent some time in advance learning about it, that’d put you in a strong position.


Mormonism Research Ministry

Mormons in Transition

Catholic Doctrinal Concordance


How about Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth - the pamplet advertised in the banner above?

Or do you want something Mormon specific?


I don’t know what I want something that will get inside her braina nd make her think ya know. I know lots of Mormons. In fact I know someone who was a nun then left and became Mormon.



The first thing to do is pray for her. Don’t forget that!


oh i know but mormonism seems to be the worst to get out of cuz they say all churches but theres is the mark of the devil poretty much


Pillar of Fire Pillar of Truth, order on CA homepage, also tracts on various topics which trouble here can be ordered there as well.


but will she read a 32 page book?


It’s not a very big book, and it’s very well-written - easy to follow along with. The pictures are also very attractive.


I was fooled by the Mormon church and this week (today as a matter of fact) wrote a letter to the mormon bishop telling him I wanted out. What did it for me was to learn that they as a group are not prolife. They still provide that infamous backdoor: health of the mother, rape, and incest allowances for the murder of innocent unborn babies.
I read at another place where a mormon actually wrote to “the prophet” President Gordon Hinkley about this and was told the church would not be changing its stand on abortion.
There is a lot of other stuff about the momon church that kept bothering and kept me from getting baptized. I’m glad I’m finally out.


Hi again, Patty. Just now, I found a book in a Catholic Answers mailout catalog that might be of interest to you.

Inside Mormonism: What Mormons Really Believe by Isaiah Bennet.

The description says that “Isaiah Bennet is a former Catholic Priest who converted to Mormonism and then reconverted back to Catholicism once he discovered the errors and contradictions in Mormonism.”

I’m not familiar with this book, but I am ordering it today. Just by coincidence I saw your recent posts on this subject, and thought I’d mention it to you. This may not be something for your friend to read directly (or, maybe it would be), but it sounds like a good book to read to prepare yourself for discussions with her.


This same type of loophole on abortion is common among many of the Protestant sects also. And, of course, most all of them are wide open with respect to artificial birth control. When I’m conversing with a conservative Protestant, I often point this contradiction out to them. That, they’re “pro-life” except in cases of incest and “life of the mother” and that they have no objection to artificial birth control, which as I point out is merely the flip side of the coin from abortion.


Actually, I’ve reviewed it again, and I think that it is by Catholics for Catholics.

Your friend would not appreciate all of what is written in that particular pamphlet. :frowning:


maybe not all at once, but she can flip to the brief discussions of topics that interest her, find references to CCC and scripture that pertain, and then ask more questions.


Well, by coincidence, I just yesterday finished reading a book I checked out of the library–Leaving the Saints: How I Lost the Mormons and Found My Faith by Martha Beck.

It’s the story of a woman who was sexually abused as a young child and the lack of support she received from the Mormon church. She also investigated the claims of the church and found many of them contradictory or flat out lies.

Now, I don’t necessarily recommend giving this book to your friend to read, but I do recommend you read it yourself for a good look at where Mormons are coming from. They have a particular “mind set” and I think you need to understand it before getting into serious conversation with her.

If your local library doesn’t have a copy, you might get it through an inter-library book loan.

Hope this helps!


Just thought I’d clear some things up here. Martha Beck is a pathological liar. She has admitted as much in subsequent interviews about her book. She only "discovered’ that she had been abused years later with the help of a hypnotist. She’s been totally exposed for the liar that she is. Her dad was completely innocent. Beck becane a radical feminist lesbian and wanted to destroy the Mormon Church, so she made up these slanderous lies about a beloved LDS scholar and apologist (Hugh Nibley).

As for evangalizing Mormons, I wouldn’t waste my time. It’s a brainwashing cult and you can’t reason with them. I can show you in MORMON scripture (not the Bible) where the doctrine of Trinity, dualism, and pantheism are taught, and a Mormon will see no contradiction. I can show you marital records published by the LDS Church itself that proves that Joseph Smith was a pedophile and an adulterer. It doesn’t phase them.

If you want to witness to a Mormon, pray for them and live your Catholic life. Refuse to participate in any of their activities, and don’t participate in religious discussion with them, unless of course they come to you asking about Catholicism, in which case they may be at least somewhat open to apologetics.

Hope that helps!


The problem is that TBM’s (TrueBlueMormons) refuse to read anything that they construe as being anti-Mormon. Probably the best thing you can do is guide her to some liberal Mormon works, such as Terryl Givens’ works and Bushman’s “Rough Stone Rolling”, then hit her with the broad perspective.

Dan Vogel’s works, also, are good to soften them up. Although he is an ex-Mormon, he takes great care to not offend those who are easily offended by the truth.


I agree that her claims of abuse cannot be substantiated, but her claims are not why I recommended the book. That’s why I said she shouldn’t give it to her friend. I recommended it as a look into where Mormons are coming from. Beck does make some valid points about Mormon doctrine and what it’s like to live as a Mormon. That’s where I thought it would be helpful.

BTW, I don’t recall anything about hypnotism or lesbianism in the book.

I agree it’s just about impossible to talk to a Mormon. My daughter tried to talk to one, and before she had a chance to say anything, he actually put his hands over his ears and said, “I’m not listening, I’m not listening!”


Have them read:

John, chapter 6.

All the accounts of the Last Supper.

And Paul’s account of the meaning of the Eucharist.

Here’s a good article:

Don’t start with something anti-Mormon. Start with something that is pro-Catholic. That will give them a different way to look at their own understanding of the Eucharist.

You might also want to give them some pro-life material from the Catholic Church.

I had a great Aunt who was Catholic. She constantly was talking to me in pro-Catholic terms. A co-worker did the same thing. They led me to the Catholic Church more than any anti-Mormon tracts could have done.

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