Catholic membership up; most Protestant churches down

Feb. 18, 2010, 4:22PM

U.S. membership has increased in the Catholic Church — the nation’s largest Christian body — but the No. 2 Southern Baptist Convention, along with most mainline Protestant denominations, reported continuing decline, according to new figures released by the National Council of Churches.

Both the Southern Baptists and Catholics reported membership losses in last year’s Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches; in the 2010 edition, however, the Catholics reported a rebound, with a 1.5 percent growth rate, to more than 68 million members.

Southern Baptists held on to the No. 2 spot, at 16.3 million members, but that figure represented a 0.2 percent drop from 2009 and the second consecutive year of decline. The Presbyterian Church (USA) experienced the greatest loss among the top 10 denominations (3.3 percent), down to 2.8 million members.

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68 Million plus one more, come Easter!

Yes. It’s also known as illegal immigration.

Part of the reson Protestant denominations are taking a hit is that they keep splitting off to make more denominations and independent churches. If they’d stay put, their numbers would would look a little different.

Very glad to hear that!

i wish those 16.3 million members will oneday come with us

Plus another (in Canada) come Easter :slight_smile:

Their is an internecine warfare quality to how we all see each other.I am speaking of Christians of all denominations.My Protestant friends are polite to never call my Catholicism false.But i know they are being taught that.

I turned my back on God. I put my faith in man and i suffered for it. I lost 22 years and now am working to heal my soul and make amends with God.

Its good to be back…

There should never be a competition, of course thats my opinion.

It is not suppose to be a competition although sometimes we see it that way. As Catholics we know the Truth that God has revealed to us and we want everyone to know this truth. We want everyone to be Catholic, or at least catholic. This will not happen it is just something that we want for our beloved brothers and sister in Christ.

This is why some Bishops remain adamant about amnesty for illegal immigration, it remains a numbers game. :mad:

Funny. And here I thought it had to do with practicing what the Gospel preaches, vis a vis welcoming the stranger.




Re illegal immigration, bishops and a “numbers game”, a high percentage of Mexicans coming into the US are Protestants, esp. pentecostal, and not Catholics. There’s a very strong Protestant outreach to Hispanics both in Mexico and in the US. At least in this area of Texas, you can’t assume anymore that because a person is Hispanic, they’re Catholic. I know of several situations where the elderly parent(s) are Catholic, the son or daughter is Protestant. Mom and Dad can no longer drive and the son or daughter will not take the parent to Mass, only to their own church. Part of what’s happening is that they’re being convinced during evangelization that the Catholic Church is rich and getting richer but doing little to help the poor better themselves. The Protestant denominations take the trouble to make themselves much more visible in their helping efforts than Catholicism does and so it’s believed. If the Catholic Church was overly concerned with numbers, that wouldn’t be the case.

What’s not funny is we here in America are being soaked for billions annually and subsidizing this invasion.

I’m Christian first, then American. We need to make sure we remember our priorities.

I’m not for illegal immigration, as that goes against the laws of the land I live in. But the bishops aren’t promoting that, what they are discussing is the immigrants*legal * in the health care system.

Well said. A true Christian doesn’t make differentiations based on temporal concerns, as we are ‘neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male nor female.’ Those who wish to make a fuss over temporal concerns need to look deeper into their hearts to see where the hardness of their hearts comes from, especially during this season of Lent.


IF you want to see something shocking, look at the number of hispanics who are becoming muslim.

I don’t know about that, for a couple of reasons. First of all, Catholics increased worldwide by 1.7%.

Secondly, illegal immigration has been substantially down the last 2 years because of the economy.



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