Catholic Men, what gifts would you like to receive?

Hello Internet!

I am finding it hard to find a gift for my boyfriend, so I am resorting to the internet for help.

My gift giving style is to gift what the person is in need of, however, I’d like to give my boyfriend a nice gift this year for Christmas. Not socks.

I was also interested in learning what men enjoy to receive gift-wise in general. I am not sure if men enjoy DIY things like a photo album, scrapbook, etc.

Some of the things my boyfriend enjoys are Theology and Philosophy, Reading, Hiking and Technology.


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City of God by St Augustine. The Godless Delusion by Patrick Madrid.

A tablet/cell phone stand with swivel. A fast wall charger. A micro USB OTG adapter.

If he doesn’t mind the old-fashioned language and racism (regarding Native Americans), I would recommend Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada, by Clarence King (originally published 1872).

Speaking for myself, no. My idea of DIY is building a bookcase from scratch. You know, hunks of wood, hand tools, measure twice and cut once.

Board games

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His favorite food treat (whoppers for my husband).

Definitely not scrapbooks or photo albums–most men use their phone now to store their pictures.

Socks are actually really good–men wear them out quickly.

My husband loves Starbucks gift cards.

You might browse some outdoorsy retailers for specialty hiking gear.

get him a copy of the the Journal of Pope JOhn 23rd that he kept all his life, from age 14 on…


Some men presumably do, but probably a minority.

What’s your budget?

Not a man myself, but 90% of men— that’s a big NO.

My husband isn’t a hobby or tinker person at all. But he does like tools, to do repairs around the house. I’ve gotten him a few tool things he’s liked/wanted.

This is really as individual as the man. What my husband likes is different from what his brother or my brothers like.

His interests are not their interests or hobbies.

Gift cards to stores that carry those things would be nice— like Amazon, REI, Best Buy or Apple.

If you want to buy him a gift that isn’t a gift card, be observant and notice what he has and doesn’t have— does he have an iPhone? If so, does he have air pods? If not, get him a pair.

Or does he have a gaming system? If so, check out what games does he have and maybe get one he doesn’t have.

For hiking— actually socks would be a great gift, the special hiking ones. Or a camelback water system. Or the under armor shirts that wick moisture. Or new hiking boots. Or a cool hat and t-shirt.

It depends on how long you’ve been dating, how much you want to spend, and what his tastes are.

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What gifts would a Catholic man like to receive?

Hmm… I’ll go with wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord! :grin:


It might be better to just ask him what he wants for Christmas specifically.

Catholic man here! Gifts I would appreciate - a good book (I have recommendations if you want some!), as someone else mentioned, board games are a good choice if he’s a bit nerdy - settlers of Catan being a classic choice!! Also, prayer - maybe you could make a card of some prayers you will offer for him, like x number of hours in Adoration, x no. of Masses/Rosaries etc.? A voucher for something I’m interested in would be good - I’m kind of fussy so sometimes it’s better for me to pick my own gift lol. So you could get a voucher for a technology store, for example.
DIY things depend on the person, really. Scrapbooks and photo albums sound nice but wouldn’t appeal to me personally.
A really great present could be a nice knife, if he likes hiking and outdoors stuff. I’d love that. :wink:

Related outdoors/hiking gift, if he’s likely to be out after dark, is a headlamp. Very useful for camping. The lightweight and waterproof models can be expensive, but for car camping and short outings, I prefer the cheaper $7 headlamp from Walmart.

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Lowe’s , Home Depot, Bass Pro Shop, Cabelas gift cards

Okay, I can’t believe it hasn’t been mentioned. Forget giving “stuff.” Give an experience. It could be tickets to a show, concert or sports event. It could be an Escape Room or green fees at a golf club, or a camping trip. Preferably something you can do together. Share an experience together! Those are the best and most memorable gifts in the world!
My favorite gift ever was a short trip to my birthplace where I mostly lived until age 10. It was on Long Island, so we followed up with a Broadway show.
That’s my suggestion, but socks are okay too.


I’m ALWAYS in need of more socks! :joy:


My wife doesn’t get me gifts she doesn’t have a job I’m not going to buy my own presents.

Christmas is a religious holiday for me and a day I’m obligated to give my kids stuff.

Birthdays are just another day in my life.


And she’s okay with all of that? She does have a job, taking care of the kids and home, right? Let her buy you a little something.

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You don’t share your money with your wife???


I buy her the things she wants but otherwise there’s not much to save to give to her.

It all goes out to taxes, pension, insurance, bills, and whatever the children need.

It’s kinda pointless to have her buy me anything because I’m just buying it for myself.

She’s never been good at keeping a job and with five going on six children it’s impossible for her to work so I gave up on the prospect of her ever working.

Im a sole provider of my family I don’t expect anything from her or my children.

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