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Mensa has a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), ranging from Polyamory (ugh) to Werewolf fantasy ((?!) To an ecumenical Clergy SIG. I don’t know if I should be surprised or not that there’s no Catholic SIG, though seems to me there should be. I’m curious if there are fellow Mensans here and if so, do you belong to any SIGs? Would you be interested in a Catholic SIG?

Should mention that there is an Evangelical Christianity SIG and an LDS SIG. I don’t know how many members, overall, are atheists but however many it is, it’s too many. I think Mensa needs an identifiably Catholic presence. Just my opinion.

Feel free to private message me about this, if you prefer.


What’s the point of joining Mensa? Does it get you anything or is it just, like, a badge of honor?


Mensa identification is not necessarily good for humility.

And, there already is a collection of such persons: the 36 Doctors of the Church.

Who needs more?


Don’t you have to pay to be in mensa?


Yeah, so is one really all that smart? :laughing:


I guess I should have mentioned, please don’t reply just to disparage Mensa, or assume that membership necessarily means sinful pride. There are many CAF members, no doubt, who belong to groups which have restricted membership.
Sad that I even have to request this. Please refrain from flaming.


I’m not disparaging, just genuinely asking what the “point” is. Are there events? Do you get discounts or something?


There are various qualifying test scores. I believe the GRE, MAT, Stanford-Binet, MCAT, LSAT, etc. are some. There are annual dues, yes, as with most organizations.


If you are a member, why not start a Catholic group?


There are events, yes. Annual and regional gatherings, which in my area are monthly and weekly, for general membership.


What goes on there? Do they have speakers/presentations?

Again, not insulting it, just never knew what Mensa actually does.


Thinking seriously about it.
And–you might consider it a measure of my esteem for the general intelligence of CAF membership, that I assume there must be some Mensa members here–and many more who are qualified.
Hence, this query!


Well, I graduated summa cum laude and have a Ph.D. but was never invited :frowning: But I was never one for exclusive clubs, especially those you have to pay for. I hang around “intellectuals” all day long and kinda can’t wait to get home to the common folk every day :slight_smile:


Consider this an invitation, then. No doubt, with your background,you already have a qualifying score.
Despite what some might think, it isn’t about people sitting around congratulating each other on how smart they are. There’s a lot of serious inquiry and dialog, and learning to be had. There are at least three astronomy / space science SIGs alone!


They have numerous speakers at the Annual Gathering. Scientists, philosophers, etc. I reckon.


I wonder at the intellectual discourse, sounds interesting but then I realize you have to prove you’re smart before partaking of that discourse and it just seems… icky.

To each their own.

I suspect the reason you haven’t seen Catholic mensa groupings is because it is contrary to humility to seek membership in MENSA and many Catholics are probably turned away from it for that reason.


Again, please refrain from judgmentalism here.


Yet, like every institution, it might be a great place to evangelize. On the other hand, I suspect they’ll be a fair amount of Catholic prejudice: Anti-Catholicism is indeed the last acceptable prejudice of the elite.
There are several organizations for Catholic scholars.


Please feel free to share those organizations, if you wish.
And I was going to add that Mensa is a staunch supporter of education. There is a foundation, fundraising and scholarships.


I was in it for a couple years back in the 80s. The chapter near me did have programs with occasional good speakers. I remember we had a lady skydiver come and speak, I really enjoyed that one. I also liked the chapter in the next town over, which would regularly march in a big city parade playing kazoos. It had a newsletter with cute owl cartoons.

I kinda lost interest though because most of the members near me were way older than I was and didn’t do much but sit around eating lunch and being smrat.

If there was a Catholic Mensa group, I fear it would be full of people who love to sit around analyzing the Summa Theologica or writing long apologetics. I don’t enjoy such things. Now if kazoos were involved…

(I hope it’s not a lack of humility for me to post that I was in it for a couple years. I don’t consider myself very smart but my admittance was based on SAT scores. I test well; it’s a gift.)

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