Catholic Minimalism Challenge


One of my favorite podcasters, Sterling Jaquith, is starting a free 8 week Catholic minimalism challenge and I’m so flipping excited about it! Who’s with me?

Here’s a sign up

There is also a facebook group.

My husband warns I am sort of mean to the children when I try to clean too much. A valid concern, but this isn’t so much cleaning as it is purging I hope. I’m hoping it’s baby steps like day1: go through your sock drawer. Less stuff to pickup and 8 weeks of less stuff😮 should make cleaning easier in the long run.



Perhaps you could explain the program a bit for those of us that don’t use Facebook or click on links like the one posted.

Is it a purging of household things?


Yes it is purging household things. She is the author of a book on Catholic minimalism which also takes you through these steps. Some people thrive in independent study, some people could use more daily reminders and a group to get there. I’ll go grab an Amazon link to the book it is based upon and one of the images that breaks down the 8 weeks. I’ll be right back!


Thanks. I liked this book.

Not all of it is gold, but I got a lot out of it, including the thought that I can only clear out my own things. However, clearing the clutter is contagious. Once my husband saw my success, he started work on his own things.


Not Of This World: A Catholic Guide to Minimalism

Every now and then the kindle edition is free as a promotion(not right now). I have the free kindle edition but am completely terrible at reading ebooks. Real books don’t have to be plugged in to charge…



What did it say about kids? Depends on their age maybe? I’m curious how the 8 week thing will handle the kids’ rooms. Hopefully invovle them in it as they will have seen success in common areas leading up to it.


As to what makes any of it Catholic…I’d probably know if I could make myself read that ebook. Hopefully that part comes through in the challenge. Even if it doesn’t. I could use 8 weeks of less stuff over here.


Description from Amazon:

All Catholics are called to practice minimalism. Few of us are called to take a vow of poverty so we must learn to navigate our modern society without giving into consumerism and materialism. We know we should store up treasure in the Kingdom of God, not here on Earth but what does that look like day-to-day? How do you practice minimalism with a large family? What does homeschooling minimalism look like? What if you have roommates or a multi-generational household? Do we have to give up our smart phones? Follow Sterling on a journey as she explains how minimalism will bring you more peace and freedom. She will guide you step-by-step through your home with suggestions for how to embrace this lifestyle all at once or in baby steps. With explanations for unique living situations, you’re sure to find tips for how to live minimalism in our modern society by choosing the Lord over the shiny things of this world.And yes, you can keep your smart phone!


You know, I don’t really remember because my kids are grown… But I do know that there needs to be a system for storing everything. It is important that things all have somewhere to go. She has an interesting way of folding clothes and it really does help give more room, and shows what you have better.

“Does this item bring me joy?” is what she advises people to ask. For children, it translates to do I still even play with these toys anymore, and where and how will we manage what we keep.


I moved this out of Family Life so more people will see it.

Looks very interesting! Getting rid of the clutter is one of my biggest challenges!!


I’d be more interested if there was a page explaining exactly what it was without my having to enter an e-mail.
When I click the link, it’s making me put in an e-mail to proceed.
The last thing I need is to receive more e-mails from any mailing list.
Not signing up for anything requiring me to give an e-mail.

If it’s all about “getting rid of clutter”, I’m already trying to do that.
Having cats is very helpful. They occasionally pee on things and then I have to throw them away.
I also try not to bring more stuff into the house that they might pee.
And I don’t shop because I spend all my time taking care of cats (and mopping up their doo).


I’ll keep looking for a link that isn’t a sign up. I hate links like that too. The trouble is all the most accessible parts I’ve seen are on Facebook. Let me check her podcasts. She said she would make some of them audio so you can listen while you de-clutter. The flavor of it best comes from the book description, I hope.


Here’s link to some of the resources from when she did it previously. I have never done the challenge and don’t know if it will broach the spirituality aspect of it or just tell you physically what to do. I can always post a daily update to this thread if people are interested but prefer no signup.


It may not be the most important spiritual challenge for a Catholic, but it is certainly worth considering as a part of one’s spiritual life. I have thought that when you own too much stuff, your stuff owns you. It can be a kind of unhealthy attachment.

I wonder if Week 6 includes photos. I used to spend a lot of time with digital photos: taking pictures, sorting and organizing the photos, selecting the good ones for printing or sharing. After amassing tens of thousands of images, the problem becomes searching the collection for an old picture that I have in mind.

My point is that it doesn’t even have to be physical or material goods to constitute clutter and inordinate attachment. Collections of files (photo, video, music) can be a spiritual ball-and-chain.


I hope so! I can relate to the photo problem. If it isn’t in the challenge or the book (it might be in her book), I bet Sterling would answer that question if you messaged her. She is bedridden pregnant with her 5th kid right now, so she is pretty responsive to messages.

Or maybe someone here has good advice on that? This forum has been such an outpouring of good advice for me so far!


So it starts today!

I was so excited and then I had to face the reality that it starts with my bedroom. Boooo! And that going through my clothes is part of that. Also booooooo! I don’t want to deal with my clothes until I’m done nursing this baby and can feel like a person again.

I went rogue and minimized my kids schoolwork from this year and trashed a lot of communal art supplies in favor of each kid having a pencil box of their own art supplies. Idk if thats actually better or worse. None of that was in the master bedroom.

Here are the handouts for week 1. Maybe I’ll be brave tomorrow.


Here’s a welcome video


Week 1 video. Stuff gets real in the closet. Yourself vs. your fantasy self. Being real about stains and sewing repairs. What things feel like failures.

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