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Three years ago, I was the computer lab instructor for the Academy I work for. I asked all students and parents to sign a pledge about internet safety. Versions exist now online of all sorts.

Parents who rely only on the “honor” system for their kid’s online activities are asking for trouble in spades. Even if you children ARE responsible in this area, there is always someone close by, be they child or adult, who has already been corrupted. There are also “redirects” in links that redirect either intentionally or unintentionally to porn sites.

This trash is VERY harmful to young minds. Once it’s there, a seed has been planted This is an unnecessary tragedy that CAN be prevented. Most popular firewall and internet safety software comes with content filters now days, but don’t stop there. I would also get standalone software that can give you “layered” protection.

For those adults that struggle with a porn addiction, you can do the same, but copy and past an long random password and then do not record the password. You can also visit
The Angelic Warfare Confraternity which assists those who currently live outside the sacrament of marriage, or those who struggle with addiction or obsessive behavior.

The Angelic Warfare Confraternity is a supernatural fellowship of men and women bound to one another in love and dedicated to pursuing and promoting chastity together under the powerful patronage of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

What software would one recommend to protect children on the Internet?

The National Catholic Reporter article mentions a program called Covenant Eyes. It has apparently been adopted by the Diocese of Lincoln. Quoting from the article:

*Father Kilcawley describes Covenant Eyes as the “ideal tool for parents to monitor their children before they encounter pornography online.”

Covenant Eyes operates on all Web-ready devices to filter content and to generate a report for parents (or in the case of adults who struggle with porn, their “accountability partners”) that lists all the online sites a user has visited. The report flags those sites that might have pornographic content.

“The reports generated by Covenant Eyes can help parents to identify immediately when there may be an accidental exposure to pornography in the life of their child, so that they can have a conversation with their children to help them to process what they saw and make sure that it comes into the open,” Father Kilcawley explained.*

Is anyone here familiar with this program?

The big problem is that we have a government and court system that has been promoting the spread of pornography, under the guise of “freedom”, for decades. Until that changes, we’ll have to settle for remedies like “porn blocking software” that amounts to little more than sticking your finger in the hole in the dike. Such software may be effective and good, but chances are those who use it are the ones who need it least. It’s not effective outside the home. What about the vast majority that really needs a “porn blocker”? It’s something only government has the power to do, and this government will not do it.

We cannot throw up our hands as if we are helpless. We must also avoid thinking defeat is inevitable. Even one person getting away from porn is a good and worthy goal. Get your kids supervised internet time and turn the computer off when they are done. Parents need to start talking to other parents again. Even if Billy gets to another computer and tries again, he needs to be consistently told what he wants is wrong and why it’s wrong.

What did Christians do in pagan Rome? Faithful Christians? Go to orgies? They - with God’s help - overcame. They allowed God to work from within.

Even saving just one soul is beyond earthly value.


I’m using OpenDNS in our home. It applies to all devices that connect to our WiFi, not just our regular computers but also friends phones, tablets and game players. It requires no software to install or maintain and is free and easy to st up. I highly recommend it. I also installed AdBlocker on all our browsers. I also recommend that.

I dont mean to sound pessimistic but simply blocking porn on the computer isnt going to be enough. There are so many ways that porn will be available to anybody; ,through a cell phone, Xboxes and Playstations have a Web Browser on them, magazines and DVDs obtained from someone they know, convenience stores, etc.

Here’s another Catholic group that fights the evil of pornography.

One of the Kingsmen’s founder’s, Mark Houck, whom I saw on a Catholic talk show called Lumen Christi, made a documentary about this vice called ‘Out of the Darkness’ I think in 2011.

I think that documentary helped them to initially grow as a group but more recently, for whatever reason, the website hasn’t been updated that much although they are hosting an event in PA this month in 2014, so they’re still active.

The President of the Kingsmen, Mark Houck, on Lumen Christi encouraged anyone who wanted to to contact him if they are seeking help with pornography and he seemed like a caring, understanding, and approachable person.

Legislation forcing ISPs to block pornographic websites would go a long way to help. I can’t see any possibility of such legislation being enacted in the good ol’ freedom loving USA, though.

I think it would be great if a provider offered its customers a service to block this before it ever gets to your home.

This is a issue today and not only with youth, EWTN ran an excellent show on this the other night with a Catholic Psychologist from the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

These issues as this one with vice, and dark vice in this regard, has to be addressed by self admission of the existing issue “first”. That’s the first step in admitting an issue. The Eucharist has to be embraced here imho. These sexual issues are an issue of mankind today and predicted in Catholic prophecy. Its a wise move to embrace Church teaching in regard to the OP.

As long as this is a secret to the individual only, than the individual will have no safety from the secret.

Thank you for this! I’m part of a men’s group that I think would benefit greatly from knowing about OpenDNS.

I strongly urge any parent to look into OpenDNS. As it was pointed out, any manner of gadgets including cell phones and game players have web browsers. And not just your children’s but their friends. OpenDNS blocks objectionable sites for anything connected to the internet through your home. It’s so easy for a kid to mistype a word in Google and end up somewhere very nasty. Pornographers are out there and waiting to lead the innocent astray.

Thank you for mentioning this. We must inform both young and old that pornography is harmful. Freedom here means freedom from the slavery to the flesh as it regards pornography.


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