Catholic Ministries on "Christian" am,fm radio stations

There is a popular Christian over-the-air radio station in Detroit that has been around for decades. For some reason they have exactly ZERO Catholic Ministries on their schedule. I don’t understand why this is despite them being on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

That does seem unusual. At the same time, where I live at least, if a church or any other group wants to be on the air, it’s up to them to approach the station about a time slot, not the other way around.

I would imagine that if you check out the radio station’s website (assuming they have one) that they have a statement of faith that defines their beliefs, and that elements of the Roman Catholic faith might be in conflict with their statement of belief. If they don’t have a website, I would write a letter or email or call and ask. I am sure they have a good reason.

I listen to EWTN on radio when available.

I only listen to radio when I drive on a long trip.
I am not a regular radio listener.

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“Christian broadcasting” is generally run by Protestants, many of whom are opposed to Catholic teaching, and they may not even consider Catholics to be the same as “Christians”.

I think Catholic presenters are better off staying out of “Christian broadcasting” ventures, since there are enough Catholics to support all-Catholic all-the-time media. We don’t have to jockey for a time slot on a station run by non-Catholic denominations. We also don’t have to worry about sharing air space on a station that might air programs that conflict with Church teachings. We have EWTN, Relevant Radio, WAOB Radio, probably other stations, all our own, and best to stick to them, especially now that we can listen online wherever we are.


Same as you.

So much of radio is dominated by extremist political jockeys, I keep my car radio turned off.

In real life there is some unity between Catholics and Protestants (what we have in common dwarfs the very real differences we have), but this informal unity is not at all reflected in (non-Catholic) Christian radio. Since many are very dependent on donations, these radio network owners are afraid of loss of financial support that would likely come from aligning in any way with anything even remotely Catholic. It is very sad. I think it would be VERY positive for a station to blend the best of each world, but as far as I know, no one dares to do it. Extreme views on each side would very greatly oppose it. This disunity renders impossible many things that would really accomplish great good, and it makes us look foolish to the non-Christian world. How can they come to believe in a loving God when we actively hate each other so?

Well this particular FM radio station that is in Detroit, I used to listen to it in the early 1980’s until the late 1980’s. I thought they used to have a couple of Catholic ministries back then but now ZERO . It is WMUZ, 103.5 FM.

Where I live we have EWTN and a Christian (Protestant) station.

The twain don’t meet.

Checking out their website they don’t have anywhere they list their ideology, etc. It’s owned by something called Crawford Broadcasting, which has several similar stations throughout the country featuring several seemingly non-denominational programs.

In the end, it’s really not a big deal. You wouldn’t be surprised that you couldn’t find non-Catholic programming on EWTN, and you wouldn’t expect Catholic program on stations that appear to be non-denominational.


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