Catholic Missionary: 40 years in the Amazon, "not a single" baptism

In the Amazon, in the service of man

At 90, the Consolata Missionary Silvano Sabatini, who spent 40 years with the indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon, has much to tell: about his “‘rebellious’ life on the edge,” about his brave, stimulating, destabilizing “being with the Other,” about the meaning of Mission, with all its tensions, contradictions, and complexities (in a moment in which the rethinking of the missionary activity of the Church seems very urgent and current).

All that is in the book-testimony “The Anthropologist Priest. Amidst the indigenous people of the Amazon” (Ediesse, Roma 2011), written in collaboration with anthropologist Silvia Zaccaria, dedicated for several years to her field research with the indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon.

It is a project with a radical view of the evangelization that expresses itself in a unique way: “We do not baptize any Yanomani - Sabatini says - because we are convinced that it would make no sense to baptize a person outside the community, and that it is the culture that should be evangelized: man has the right to have his culture, and he must find in it the way to express himself christianly. Baptizing outside the community would have meant establishing a double personality in Baptism.” Which is why, Zaccaria says, "Sabatini responded thus that monsignor anxious to know how many Yanomami he had baptized: ‘not a single one, thanks to the Good God.’ "

So this Sabatini believes that Jesus wasn’t universal enough…
Jesus said go to the ends of the earth and spread the Gospel and baptize people in the Name…
Why this person went and made his own religious philosophy? And why is he not asked by the Church to let a real faithful missionary take his place in the Amazon?

You had a slight typo but I fixed it for you.:thumbsup:

Good thing Pope Alexander VI and Christopher Columbus felt differently about it. This is ‘cultural equality’ gone awry. A missionary without a mission is a sociologist.

I don’t think that is Fr. Sabatini’s attitude. The article doesn’t give much detail but it sounds as if his approach was to evangelize the community, to win their culture over, rather than evangelize individuals and create disruption. How much progress he made isn’t mentioned.

so if an adult person in this area comes to the this Priest and says…“Father I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord, I want to be recieved into His Catholic Church.”

he would then refuse to baptize this person? how is this God’s will? I don’t understand. :confused:

[BIBLEDRB]Matthew 10:32-42[/BIBLEDRB]

Not peace but a sword.

It is a fair question, but I don’t think we know the answer to it. I wonder if that request was ever made?

If he wasn’t preaching baptism into Christ and his Church then probably not.

I am glad that those first century Jews didn’t keep Jesus to their small (sub?)culture
With my Irish Blood I am very glad St. Patrick didn’t just let the Irish keep their old own culture too.

As a half Irish Half french Cajun I am indebted to both St.Patrick and St.Mary Magdalene for including baptism in their missionary activities.

So tell me again what he was doing for 40 years, if not preaching the Gospel. Evangelization includes baptism.

He taught them everything he learned in CCD. :smiley:

Amen to that.

I am a brazilian Catholic, I can respond to this. The “brazilian national congregation of bishops”, known locally as “CNBB” is comprised mostly of marxist bishops who make it work as a parallel power to the Vatican, conflicting many of the orientations set out by the Pope. This has been going on for many years and I, as most well informed Brazilians, wonder why doesn’t the Vatican make an attempt to clean up the mess. I suppose doing so would totally break the Brazilian Catholic institutions(liberation theology has infected most of the clergy) and the reasons are strategic, but I am still flabbergasted by it.

CNBB has published many documents since the 70’s that have established a position favorable to the preservation of the culture of native americans and restitution of their lands. Most local traditional catholics are appaled by this, specially considering many of the habits of the indians. Infanticide is very common in reservations, for instance .Indians bury alive undesired babies and babies born with perceived imperfections. They also believe the birth of twins is a bad omen and ritually kill twin babies. All government agencies responsible for the mantenaince of reservations and all present ONG’s turn a blind eye to this and else.

I am not surprised that the priests involved also do so. It is sad, but it is the truth. The Brazilian Catholic Church is currently a near total embarrassment(save notable exceptions) and is completely aligned with our current leftist government and its PC ideology. And that ideology states that converting the indians and bringing them to civilization was an “unforgivable crime” and should never be done again.

Do you know there are still many tribes in the Amazon that have had no contact with civilization? That cannibalism is still practiced? It baffles the mind. I pray daily for the renewal of the Brazilian Catholic Church, but to be honest, that would probably require the excommunication of about 80% of the clergy. That is probably why the Pope tiptoes around the local church and pretends all is well. What I have said pertaining to the missionary work amongst the indians is just the tip of the iceberg of the horrors happening here. There is much worse.

Perhaps if he had Baptised a few there would be a community.

This guy says he’s a missionary but he sure doesn’t seem to understand what his ‘mission’ IS. I mean, really.

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