Catholic Missionary Orders In The Middle East

Hello Catholic Answers crew!

I’m looking for Catholic orders that do mission work/evangelization in the Middle East. An uncle of mine works with a protestant group in Turkey so I did a search seeing if there’s anyway I could help as a Catholic.

Google brought up nothing, but I know many orders have more important things to do than keep their web presence up to date so I figured I’d pop in here and see if you all know of any!

JMJ -Lance

There are:

The Columban Fathers (Link:

Aid to the Church in Need (Link:

The Carmelites and Franciscan work in various countries in the Middle East and doubtless other Orders are doing the same. It depends what you wish to support. The Messenger of St Anthony (Link: supports a number of initiatives around the world as well - although they are Franciscan.

Hope this helps?

There is the Franciscan Custory of the Holy Land, which works in Israel and near many of the Holy Sites there. They have a webside:

You could also be a diocesan priest in one of those areas.

A man from our parish was Ordained a priest into the DIocese of Mogadishu, Somalia

Here are some recycled bits to describe THAT story :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help everyone. Those are very helpful.

That is a wonderful goal to serve those in the Holy Land and the Middle East. May God bless you always and in all your endeavors!

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