Catholic modern clothing

So I know there are several sites that have more modern looking Christian t-shirts and bumper stickers but does anyone know if there’s similar things for Catholics? Like I used to go to but I have stopped because of their anti-catholic material.

Like one thing I would love to have (Not sure if they make these but if they don’t then they should make them lol) You know how they have t-shirts with a praying girl on it or Jesus and it says “Daddy’s Girl” I would love one with Mary on it that says “Mama’s girl”

There are sites where you can print your own t-shirt, you just have to upload a JPG or a PNG graphic. Don’t know about the quality. But hey, u could start a small business, or if not that give profits to charity.

One could always wear something like this:

Aquinas and More has a t-shirt department here.

The Catholic Company also sells t-shirts, link here.

Catholics With Attitude are now serving America as well.

Another Catholic website with Catholic apparel is Nelson Gifts of Stuebenville, OH.

Lots of other good Catholic stuff there too.

Catholics With Attitude also has a store for the USA where you can pay in $'s, and upload your own artwork / play around with theirs too.

(Okay, i’m a little biased, I used to work for them - a great bunch of people!)

Phatmass has the essential Catholic Ninja t-shirt, as well as the Church Militant t-shirt. Multiple choices, see if there’s anything that appeals to you.

I’ve used They have some sort of inkjet printer that will put whatever you upload onto a shirt, if you’re good enough with graphics software to make what you want.

Also some good Catholic t-shirts by various Cafe Press suppliers:–g--us–lib–apparel–search-b–Catholic_t_shirt&pid=3607873&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=lib–apparel&utm_content=search-b&utm_term=catholic_t_shirt&gclid=CIvlzeGYma4CFcIDtgodQFvlKw

My personal favorite t-shirt is my St. Michael T-shirt from Ranger Up! They offer versions as hoodies, as well as OD and white shirts that can be worn inconspicuously under a military or police uniform. (St, Michael is the patron saint of paratroopers and law enforcement officers), with the motto “NON TIMEBO MALA - I FEAR NO EVIL”

OD army version:
USMC version:
police version:
black version:
women’s version:
even MMA fight shorts:

They also have a nice St. George t-shirt

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