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I am happily married to a great Catholic guy and we are expecting our first child in December. I was raised an only child and I am a rather independent person without a close group of friends or even really a best friend, aside from the husband. We attend a parish that is a little more liberal than I would prefer and will probably be switching parishes shortly before the baby is born. We are active in our young adult group and choir at our current parish but I haven’t found anyone in those groups that I feel really comfortable with or close to. I do have some friends from previous times in my life that I do feel comfortable being myself around but they live far away for there to be regular gatherings and play groups.

Can I be an island? I’m pretty sure that I will need some kind of support group as a new and Catholic mom but I’m not sure how to got about surrounding myself with that kind of group.

Are there any other websites or forums that may help me find like-minded, Catholic (potentially home schooling) moms? I have a hard time imagining that I am the ONLY person in Silver Spring, MD (a very diverse area) who holds the views that I do.



Ask your parish if there is a Mom's group!
Contact the diocese about homeschooling support groups!
Get INVOLVED in ministries and meet like-minded parishioners!

Congratulations to you and your husband and prayers as you become new parents!! :)


I love my Catholic Mom Community! apply for membership here (so no spamming gets in)
there are many of us, in all stages of life, in all walks of life, supporting and helping each other to live lives of holiness and joy.
"We are a community of Catholic Moms called to live our vocation of marriage and motherhood in simplicity and love. We lift each other up in faith and prayer."
come on over – i think you’ll love it!


Well, you got this community. But have you tried the Catholic Information Center in DC? I’m sure they can connect you with what your looking for in real life. When I lived there I would go there a few times and enjoyed every meeting I was at (granted, I was single and about 22). They have such a vast connection to a LOT of people that I’m sure they can help you.


My husband is my best friend.

I’ve had woman friends over the years but rarely felt the close relationship to my lady friends that I had in my pre-marriage years. My values changed, my center changed- focusing on my family.

God designed us to be fruitful and multipy in a marriage. That takes a lot of the time, energy and focus if you are doing it as God planned(having as many children as God wants you to have). Perhaps there just isn’t enough time for a married lady to develope close best friendships out side her family at this time of life. And I wonder when you have 3 or 4 + little ones running around you home if you will even miss your best gal pals.

A lot of woman become close to their mom or sister or mother in law at this time in life maybe because they also have closeness in your children that a friend will rarely develope.

This is just my own take on the married gal pal situation. I’m no expert.


St. Thomas the Apostle Church in NW DC is fabulous. I know tons of great, strong, young Catholics who belong there. They have a bunch of groups and activities and the pastor is really great.


What a great idea - I know how the OP feels and was wondering what I could do to get that sort of support, too. Thanks for the links everyone! God bless you all.


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