Catholic Motorcycle Riders


Hello, to any and all biker buddies (even those who want to someday own a bike).

Several of us here in Arkansas are discussing starting a Catholic Motorcycle Group. Is anyone interested in being a part in the planning and future formation of this project?

Let me know


I really want to get a motorcycle, but I keep telling myself that it’s not something I need, althought I’ve really been looking into getting a Ninja 500r. Again, it’s not something I really need and could rather use the money saving for a house or new car, which I will need for a family someday. If you can convince me otherwise please let me know:) I live in Texas myself, would it be a local thing or national?



Andrew, this is really just the beginning. I think that it will be local to begin but I am hoping that it will include people from all over the US. From there we could begin local chapters and grow into something major that helps to promote this Catholic faith that we all know was founded by Jesus Christ and began fully in the upper room at Pentecost. As to you owning a motorcycle we are not limiting it to owning a bike to join. Our only limit is that anyone who joins is at least open to the Catholic Church being the church founded by Christ.:thumbsup:



My dad convinced Mom to get a motorcycle. :thumbsup: Haha, not sure how that happened.

He did have a really good reasons for it! His new commute is over an hour away! At 60-70mpg, that really saves money. He only had a 1 ton pick-up truck that averages 6-8mpg with diesel.


One of these days I won’t be pregnant and I’ll be able to ride again! :thumbsup: Nothin better than a nice warm day with just you, the bike, and the bugs in your teeth! :smiley: Seriously, love my bike, even though it is just a little girly Rebel. Some year I’m gonna get a real bike, one that has an engine…


I know there are a couple of KofCs at our parish that are motorcycle-riders - I might mention this to them!


Tonks 40, that is a great thought. Please if anyone has friends or family that ride bikes (and are Catholic) - don’t want any of those 1%'s :smiley: , please pass along this info.

Seriously, we are looking for anyone Catholic or even those leaning Catholic that might be interested.

Thanks to all. :thumbsup:


I’m Loren’s husband. I ride a motorcycle. I know we are in Rapid City SD, but pease let me know how it goes with starting the group. I would also like to come down to a meeting when you have one if I am on leave. Not only am I a KofC, but I am also in the Air Force. So if it works maybe I can help you spread it to others. Good Luck and keep me informed via my wife.


Hey, LH (Loren’s Husband), great to hear from you. I’ll be making posts as we progress, even though right now it is slow. Thank you also for your service to our country.:thumbsup:



I’m sure our Bishop (Thomas Wenski) in Orlando, FL would LOVE to join you guys!

He’s known for riding his bike around town in his jeans and leather! :thumbsup:

That is similar to what prompts Thomas Wenski to ride. That would be Bishop Thomas Wenski, leader of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orlando.

Five years ago, for his 50th birthday, he decided to respond to a neglected desire to ride. Soon after, a Honda Shadow 1100 gave Wenski a new outlook - as well as a new way to get to work.

“I oversee nine counties in Central Florida and I’ve used the motorcycle to explore the diocese,” he said. "During one weekend last February, I went out and rented a Harley-Davidson Road King.

"I figured if I had my (clerical) collar on, I’d become a traffic hazard, so I had an assistant in a car carry all my vestments and the things I’d need when I’d reach a parish. In two days I covered about 360 miles, and when I’d reach a church, it was like Superman running into a phone booth - I’d take off the jeans and the boots and put on the collar and robes and black clothes and perform the service.

“It took almost everything out of me not to buy that bike.”

But even on his Honda, Wenski sees the world from a different perspective.

“There is that spiritual pleasure in riding a motorcycle,” he said. "You can smell the countryside and experience things that you don’t get inside of a car.

“And it gives you time to center yourself and to think. . . . It’s a healing experience that makes you better able to tackle your problems when the ride is finished.”


Four years ago the Archdiocese of Detroit sanctioned a Catholic motorcycle lay apostolate called The Knights of Saint Michael. They do inner-city street corner outreach. The permanent deacon at my parish was a founding member. I believe they were profiled on EWTN recently.

Here’s an online blurb about the apostolate.

We’ve had many former gang members come into the Church through their efforts. People who don’t know the group’s connection with the parish are mightily shocked when these huge, tattooed, pierced guys walk into Mass! They’re incredibly reverent and devout, and put most other casual Catholics to shame.



I’m probably the only Catholic member of the Christian Sportbike Association, and I might be on my way out due to their adding a “sola scriptura” faith tenet, so I’ll be keeping my eye out for a Catholic group.


In 7 1/2 years my youngest son will be 18 - me and another Mom are getting some motorcycles. I would love to be a part of the group, even before I have something to ride.:thumbsup:


Anyone in the Chicago area going to the motorcycle show in Rosemont this weekend?


I’m sure you’re aware of how to avoid crossing those 1%er’s. Be sure to identify yourselves a “rider’s club”, NEVER an MC, or “motorcycle club” and NEVER wear any kind of three-piece patch. That is to say, avoid having an insignia with a top and bottom rocker. Be sure the patch is all together…not separate. The rider sporting an un-authorized patch runs the risk of having it removed.

The chances are remote that any 1%er would join a rider’s club, so you don’t have anything to worry about. I do know a couple of guys in an MC and they are good people…having served in the USMC…they’re alright.


One exception to the three-patch MC is the Iron Pigs MC. The Iron Pigs MC (formerly known as Wild Pigs) is a motorcycle club made up exclusively of law-enforcement and fire-fighters who ride American V-twin motorcycles. The Iron Pigs generally don’t need to worry about displaying their ‘colors’.


A group of maxi scooter riders are getting together for a two day sightseeing ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway and we’ll probably have a motorcycle or two in the group. If any of you would like to come along and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery on God’s green earth, feel free to join us.

We will meet Sunday afternoon, April 22, at the Days Inn in Waynesville, NC, and start our ride on Monday morning, spending Monday night at the Super 8 in Marion, NC. Time and energy permitting, we will tour Linville Caverns either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning, then continue north on the parkway to Fancy Gap, VA. We’ll stay at the Holiday Inn Express on Carrollton Pike in Hillsville, VA, and head for home on Wednesday morning.

Please note that this will be a sightseeing tour with lots of stops to view the scenery and take pictures. We’re only planning to cover about 100 miles a day, so the pace should be leisurely. For you patch collectors, I’ll try to get some made up if I’m not too broke from car repairs, and will sell them for enough to break even on the deal.

If you want to go, make your reservations now and PM me with your real name and hometown so I can try to get us close together in the motels. We will take up a collection to help the chase truck driver defray some of her expenses. Lunch both days will probably be picnic style at one of the overlooks along the parkway.

This trip will cover the most scenic portion of the parkway. If you’ve never seen it and can get away, it will be well worth the effort.


Sounds like a great idea Mike, being in Arkansas and riding since I was 18, I wish I could join you, but the Lord saw fit that my Honda Shadow was repo-ed 14 months ago. Have owned several bikes over the years, Hondas, Yamahas, a Suzuki, a BSA(basket case never got it on the road) and had one those American things once, a XLCH, that did my hip in. I foolishly tried to ride a CB350 Honda from Ft Hood Texas to Toledo Ohio, but it broke down in KY. that was back in 74. When I moved to Arkansas in '92 the only transportation my wife and I had was a 77 Yamaha XS 650. Bought in in 87 and kept it for 11 or 12 years.

Keep me informed on what happens, maybe the Lord will grace me with another ride in the future,


Is there still interest in doing this? In Chicago in two weeks there is the Polish Constitution Day parade, and in the past the Sokol motorcycle group has participated in the parade, so this could be prime recruiting ground.


I would like this. I am in Jacksonville, Fl. Most clubs around here are Christian Baptists.

Never could understand the OSAS theory. My ex GF believed in that.

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