Catholic Movie/Book Heros

This is a bit of a spin-off from the thread that asks the question about how to deal with conspiracy theories.

It seems like anytime there is a significant best selling book or movie about religion it usually involves the Catholic Church trying to cover something up or posing them as the bad guys. Without going back to the Bing Crosby days or other black and white movies from the 1950s can anyone think of a major movie or book in recent years which depicts a Catholic as a “good guy” or someone who saved the day? I can’t.

Hellboy? :smiley:

the exorcism of emily rose is one… the hero was a catholic priest… :smiley:

If things are not restricted to american/british films then there are tons of 'em with Catholic heroes. :smiley:

Actually, if you want to take one from TV…

Detective Murdoch of Murdoch Mysteries, or what I like to call “CSI: Toronto”.

It’s the story of Det William Murdoch of the Toronto Police, c. 1895, who has some odd ideas about police work: working out criminal theories, gathering evidence, looking for motive, measuring footprints, doing rudimentry forensic work…instead of standard police procedure, which usually consists of beating confessions out of criminals.

In the story, he’s Catholic, originally from Nova Scotia. His Catholicism held up a promotion to Inspector – when interviewed, he mentioned that he went faithfully to Sunday Mass, but didn’t get to confession as often as he liked – which put his Presbyterian chief’s nose out of joint. (Toronto, AFAIK back then was a staunch Presby-Anglican town).

This isn’t your stereotypical world-weary recovering-drunk fallen-Mick antihero Irish detective. He’s smart, forward-thinking, hard-working, loyal, and devout. 'Course, he is Canadian…maybe we don’t do anti-hero as good north of 49.

Also, just off the top of my head:

There’s also Daredevil and X-Men’s Nightcrawler from the comics

Sister Fidelma from the novels by Peter Tremayne

Ellis Peters’ Brother Cadfael

Jeremy Irons’ character in “The Mission”

GK Chesterton’s Father Brown, several depictions–including Alec Guiness–a role that lead him into the Church!

As weird as it the movie is: Bless the Child.

Dead Man Walking with Sean Penn, i forget the name of the actress who played the catholic nun.

I always really liked Trevor Howard’s priest in “Ryan’s Daughter.” He’s really the only thinking, rational voice in a borderline-hysterical town in the film. It’s not a great movie by any means, but David Lean really does west Ireland justice with the landscapes, and Robert Mitchum is surprisingly decent as an Irishman, too.

Friday, March 6th, TCM (Turner Classic Movies) at 1:45 pm EST is going to show “The Runaway” per a blog I just read. They say it has been recently issued so, knowing TCM, they will probably run it again in the near future if you miss this showing.

It is about a priest (Cesar Romero) and a dog who help a troubled young boy. The review says it has a strong spiritual theme. They laud Romero’s performance.

Here’s the background of this story. (Note: edited to say the article has a time of 10:45 am which is west coast time; I’ve changed east coast time to 1:45 pm above)

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