Catholic Movie?

I have to admit I only watched a glimpse of this movie and it really got to me, it touched my heart. I was wondering where I could purchase it and with English subtitles?

I’m not really sure if it’s called: The Seventh Room or The Seventh Chamber in the US/Canada or by the original title Siódmy pokój.

By the way, the woman playing Edith Stein is the same woman who played Mary the Mother of God on “Passion of the Christ”

Here are some other movies I’ve “heard” about that touched my heart:

Blessed Margaret of Castello

Our Lady of Guadalupe Messages of Love

There are many Catholic movies I would like to watch. I can’t name them all

Are there any Catholic/Christian movies that you only heard of that you would like to watch?

Have you seen Jesus of Nazareth yet? :slight_smile:

Eucharisted-Yes, many times. Thank you for posting the youtube video.

Did you know that the actress Olivia Hussey played Mary, the Mother of Jesus (1977) and she also played Mother Teresa (2003)?


I still would love all of these movies. Does anybody know where I could get them?

Thank you and God bless,

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