Catholic music?

Is there a such thing?

Is listening to contemporary music such as Casting Crowns, Shawn McDonald, and Third Day acceptable?

If not, why not?

If so, can you suggest anyone else?

I’d also love to know since music is a great way that I connect with my 5 children. We enjoy Rock music in its many forms. We listen to some awesome Christian Rock bands and the messages they send in their music is super. I listen to many rock bands and get so happy when I hear rock, alt. rock, etc. that is sending positive Christian messages. For example, POD had their mainstream hit Alive, and Jars of Clay had their hit Flood. There are also some Christian Rap artists, but I’m really not a fan of rap music. I really look forward to the Catholic Church trying to reach the youth through the music they love, like many Protestant churches do, through youth services, and large scale youth events lasting a day or more. I believe that during Mass music needs to be appropriate, certainly not Rock or Rap :whistle:

God Bless!

Hey- not sure about those bands you mentioned ( I’m “old”- 40)- but there IS such a thing as Catholic contemporary music… and I absolutely LOVE it. Look into Josh Blakesley and Curtis Stephan at Spirit and Song Music ( They are awesome!:thumbsup:

“Catholic music” is first and foremost (but not exclusively), according to Church teaching, Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony. Try

BTW, listening to any form of music that is not immoral is just fine. But a much finer line is drawn when it comes to music for the liturgy.

I absolutely love Gregorian Chant. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t decent Catholic music out there that us hmm… “more modern.” Try this site. Not everything there is “good” (IMHO) Catholic music, but they have some good stuff. I like the fact that they let you “try before you buy” with many of the songs so that you can sample a song before dishing out the cash. God bless.

can you come up with a reason why it would not be acceptable?

Even though I never said it was or wasn’t and I do not understand where your question comes from… I can only quote what has ever been told to me. Do not conform to the world. :-\

Either way, I listen to it.

This guy is GREAT, and you can listen to his “Rosary Project” music for free just by going to his website:

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