Catholic music?

We almost always have the radio on during the day. My 15yo likes Christian music and listens to the national stations K-LOVE and Air-One. I’d like to find a station that plays actual Catholic music, though.

I don’t have anything against contemporary Christian music except that it occasionally misses the mark. I do have a problem with them raising money to “introduce people to Jesus” in Catholic countries.

I like some of the programs on EWTN and other Catholic stations, but they are mostly talk. I can’t teach and listen to someone argue the benefits of kneeling to receive Communion at the same time. And while I appreciate that prayer is an integral part of Catholic life, I don’t like to turn the radio on in the middle of the Mass, or benediction, or rosary, or chaplet when I get in the car, especially knowing that I will be turning it off again before the prayer is over.

I can put in a tape or CD, but that requires maintenance. I usually forget that I had music on and the device stays on all night, playing nothing.

I just want to hear some good Catholic music that I can have on in the background and not have to worry about hearing heretical teaching between songs or remembering to change the tape.

I’m in the same boat. I quit watching television, but for the rare occasion, over 10 years ago. I listen to Catholic radio throughout the week but switch to Christian radio for music on weekends while reruns air. I also switch to Christian music to wake up with as they have local weather, traffic and CRN news.

I’ve not heard heresy in the music & try to brush up on apologetics when the occasion arises during teaching segments. I’ve heard more of the old hymns I grew up with than I’ve heard in the church in years. They retaught me the lyrics to all of Holy, Holy, Holy and others I’d all but forgotten.

Let’s pray & hope that with a unified church, we could have the national as well as incorporate local stations. With a good venue, I’m sure the Catholic artists would come out of hiding.

you could grab some Matt Maher, Righteous B, etc and dump it on an mp3 player. Then you at least have everything in one spot.

btw- If you’re into hip-hop has some sweet artists.

I found Catholic Jukebox Radio that has a music feed for Catholics if you are around the internet and you can also google Catholic Artist and find Artist to buy and put on disc. I live in the bible belt of Tx and not much Catholic Radio around here outside of EWTN.:clapping:

We’re in WF, so I can listen to EWTN only in the car and only with lots of static. I don’t like to listen to talk radio (which includes almost everything on EWTN:( ) while we’re homeschooling, so I don’t use the online EWTN, either.

I did find one, it might have been Catholic Jukebox, but you have to keep letting it know that you’re still listening. It turns itself off every 15 minutes or so.

I found Omegarock, that plays plays upbeat Catholic music with a little bit of teaching thrown in. It is just the kind of music my 15yo likes, so I can turn it on in the background.

John, I’d love to find one with the old hymns. I love the music and we all know that singing is praying twice. Listening to hymns throughout the day would be the perfect way to pray without ceasing.:thumbsup:

Hi. I am a Catholic musician that is trying to figure out what God would have me do in the future. I have been researching Catholic music. So far I have found two associations of support for musicans 1) The United Catholic Music and Video Association which sponsors the Unity Awards Show
2) was started by John Michael Talbot

Also, has a site for Catholic music

If you like old hymns, send me a list of the ones you like, and perhaps that could be a “next” CD for me to do. I have been wondering what next!! I play the piano, and sing so it might work. I am working at figuring out how to get my 1st CD on the internet so it could be available easily. If you are interested in a very mellow, soothing and calming collection of 14 songs, that is what Cross His Heart is about. God graced me with the gift of being able to just sit and play new songs, and this about 1 hour of just sitting with Him and playing His songs.

Anyway, sorry about rambling… I also am trying blogging to help with the on and on and on addiction:)

Good luck in your ministry!! We will be praying for you. Keep everyone in here informed. We are hungry for Catholic Stuff.:cool:

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