Catholic Mystic Prophets warning us of modern Abominations

The Old Testament is filled with Mystic Prophets speaking out against various great societal sins/abominations during those days leading up to Jesus’ coming.

Are there any Catholic Mystic Prophets speaking with similar voracity warning us today of the societal sins and abominations we see daily in the news?.. Note, of course the Church is speaking out bravely and Church leaders (Bishops and Priests), but are there any Prophets(mystics)

  1. Yes, there are plenty of mystics and prophets and visionaries.

  2. If they have true visions, they aren’t going to say anything you don’t already know about from the Bible. And if they have false visions, there’s no need to pay attention to them.

God sends signs to people who don’t know better. In today’s world, there’s not really much excuse for us not knowing better, so God probably doesn’t feel too much need to send us even more prophetic warnings. Obviously it could still happen if God deems it useful, but I’m not holding my breath.

The most recent, well-known, approved prophetic visions I know about were the prophetic visions at Kibeho in Rwanda in 1981-1983. (And then a dribble of them until 1989.) The Virgin Mary warned people to make peace and gave a vision of the Rwandan massacres, but most people didn’t listen. I’m sure it made a difference with those who did listen, but humans today are pretty hard-hearted.

But of course many people experience small prophetic moments, because sometimes God does give us the right words to say, the ones that will touch someone’s heart.

I would say yes, but one must be skeptical of them. I am. “Test everything, retain what is good”, and “beware of false prophets”. It can be hard because famous self-proclaimed “prophets” (like Harold Camping or Maria Divine Mercy) are often hucksters looking to make a buck off other people’s gullibility.

Yes, consider the approved apparitions of Mary, like Fatima, Akita, etc.

God has been trying to warn us for centuries!

We are all join Christ when we are baptized and made priest prophet and King meaning have Kingship with Our Lord. That’s what Fr. Barrons new series is about. So we all can prophesy and receive revelations from God. Many of what Catholics experience are what the early disciples prophesied because we share our faith with them as we are part of the Apostolic Church. That said, I believe many of us have mystical experiences when we receive the Eucharist, or see things from a bigger perspective. Prophesy doesn’t always mean future, it means God is revealing something to us. So there are many Catholic mystics who go beyond what we believe as the basic beliefs of our faith. We experience divine life with Christ. I have had many mystical experiences and I’m sure others have too. We’re encouraged to experience them. That they be all shared as public prophecy like the Apostles shared is another thing.

Acts 2:17 "'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

Christ speaks through the Church.

What the OP is asking for can be found in Papal Encyclicals, documents of the councils and the teaching of those commissioned and authorized to teach by Christ - the Apostles and their successors the Bishops.

We need to pay attention to the Church before we go looking around in caves for the next Elijah.


I wanted to add a little on this subject.

Tim respectfully, though I may not entirely be understanding what you said I must say that ‘We’ are the Church and the gift of prophesy is from the Holy Spirit. If none of us receives any prophesy it might as well be said that we are not “In the Spirit”. That said, it is the Church which says what will be a matter of public prophesy like the belief in the Marian dogmas. I believe God doesn’t stop prophesying through us just because it’s not a widely accepted prophesy of the Church. There are many Catholic mystics, this we must acknowledge from learning about the lives of the Saints. Can you imagine if we never listened to them? I’m sure there are many who never get acknowledged by the Vatican. We just hear about the ones who have.

Regarding end of times prophesy, I believe we are in the end of time from the time of the resurrection of Christ to the end of time where there is will be a resurrection of the body… We look at the world around us and see in the last hundred years more wars, more death and evil than ever. There is an overwhelming movement among people that life is not something to cherish and people acting as God when it comes to honoring life with abortions, terrorism, suicide assisted euthanasia, more Christians killed than ever for their faith, divorce, attack on family but as Catholics we can not stop working against this. It sure looks like end times and this is all the more reason why it important for Catholics to band together to work against the evil in the world. We hear so many Christians just say, Oh it’s end times almost as if there’s no hope or there are those who will never be saved so they don’t even try to change their minds. I think of the ones who spread their apocalyptic scenarios as fear mongers so we can’t go there and become one of those who spread hopelessness. I believe the world is losing hope which is a great reason for us to stand firm in our faith and remind others that there is always hope in Jesus Christ and the power of prayer can accomplish great things. Like Our Lady of Fatima… Even when times get rough, we must never lose hope. Hope will lead us home. Peace…

Ive always wondered why we dont see any false prophets in modern world today…of course we do see and hear alot of quacks claiming to be God, or claiming to have certain knowledge, but nothing more than words.

As far as I know there has not been ANYONE that claims to be a prophet (false or otherwise), that ALSO has some kind of supernatural ability/ gift…the bible says there will be alot of these false prophets, and they will APPEAR to be true prophets, will have abilities that no other humans have, can do things no one else can, etc. and this causes alot of people to fall for it and believe them…strange, I cant think of ONE instance or person that has actually been able to do anything remotely close to this.

Kind of strange to me, no one is even claiming supernatural gifts or abilities in modern world, I do know many many years ago, there was alot people making all kinds of wild claims, I doubt any were true, but the ‘claims’ were there…yet today, nothing more than words…??

It would seem Satan would benefit greatly if he endowed certain people with some kind of gift like this, as I truly think if modern day population saw someone with any kind of supernatural ability, they would believe anything that person told them, they would also likely believe the person to actually be a real prophet.

I wonder when all these false prophets with supernatural abilities the bible spoke of, will be seen?

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