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Hello fellow Catholic Answers Forum friends. My wife Lynn and I have just launched an online store selling Catholic-themed greeting cards that feature Lynn’s nature photographs. The site is Take a look, and if you make a purchase enter coupon code “welcome” (no quotes) for a 25% off friends and family discount. Thanks!



It will be good when you get a wider variety of photographs maybe.


Thanks for the feedback! We’re adding images daily, but there is clearly a long way to go. We’re also working on improving site nevigation, and showing more pictures on category pages.



Not a bad start. It looks pretty good. My eyeballs are getting old though… can I suggest a bigger thumbnail that can be inlarged for better viewing… I would also put a “watermark” across the image so someone won’t steal your copyright to the image.

Good Luck & God Bless you and your wife.



Hi Paul. Thanks for the comments. We’ve been making changes to the site all morning (gotta stop to get ready for Mass). Lynn has been beating me up about making the images bigger all day. I hope to get it done by Monday.



There’s nothing worse than water marks across the images. I may put people right off. The best way is to disable right click to save images.


Yes you can disable the “right click” but then all you have to do is … click and highlight the picture and then ctrl-c to copy and paste into a doc and then right click and save image. At least with a small water mark people can see what they are getting and it still protects his copyright.



Great site! :thumbsup:
My favorite is the Communion beach sunset. Beautiful. :smiley:
May I suggest something? Use a few verses of John chapter 6. That is beautiful language Our Lord uses.
Also, you should add some Marian Devotion cards. Blue is a good color.
Maybe your wife can take pictures of historic churches in your area, both inside and out?
Also, for baptism I think a picture of a small waterfall would look great.
I hope my comments didn’t come off negative. If they did, they were not meant that way.


Great suggestions! Thanks! I’ve passed them on to my boss. We also have the images set up to expand when you click on them. It’s not the best solution right now, but it’ll hold until I learn how to do something better. We’re also thinking about having Lynn initial the cards, in the corner, so that if someone does download it at least she’ll get some credit.



Or even better still…make all you pics low resolution with no water mark so they will be hopeless for copying and printing but still good for viewing.
I suppose you noticed by now that I encourage people to download my art free of charge, without any water mark…I do have them all signed though with a small un-noticeable symbol of an anchor.


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