Catholic news outlets talking about invalidity of pope Francis' election

The other day, I was watching Patrick Coffin, interview Bishop Gracida. In the interview, the two men seemed to be in agreement, that it is possible that Pope Francis may not have been elected validly, due to the activities of the “saint gallen mafia”, in the 2013 conclave.

Moreover, Bishop Gracida, believed that council of some sort composed of cardinals should be set up to determine whether the 2013 election was valid. This left me really confused since I was under the impression, that not believing or doubting whether a pope is the pope places, you outside of full communion with the church. Essentially, what I would like to know, is how is it that their opinion does not place them outside of full communion with the church, whereas it does for sedevacantists?

Old news. Ignore it. It’s been discussed on various media for awhile now. It does draw in the audience though, doesn’t it. And keeps the audience glued too to that show/presenter/channel.

He is entitled to his thoughts, opinions and views. As we all are.

Don’t bother with trying to know whether this is the case for them or not. That is for God to decide and judge. God sees the heart/true intent as well as context, and everything related to the person - history, circumstances, the individuals knowledge etc. + everything else to do with the situation/statement etc.

Your concern should be on yourself and your attitudes, submission to the Church, practicing the virtues, pleasing God, and remaining in full communion with the Church and not ending up outside of it yourself.

Focus on your own salvation and pray for them - pray for all.


Please enough with these conspiracy theories. Pray for the Pope. :sparkling_heart:

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How the bishop of Rome is chosen is simply irrelevant.

That he is the bishop of Rome is what matters, and the reason that he is “the Pope”.

Short of armed forces executing the Pope and forcing Cardinals to install their candidate at gunpoint (and the Cardinals cowardly doing so), anything from the archdeacon of Rome automatically being installed as bishop (this happened, but not automatically, for hundreds of years with a single exception), to a papally created “College of Cardinals” holding an election, to the the bishops of the suffragan diocese of the arch-Diocese of Rome, to being chosen by the Roman emperor and installed by bishops would create a Bishop of Rome, would then be the Pope as a consequence.

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