Catholic nonprofit sector, a peculiarly American phenomenon

I’ve found a fairly savage response to my contributions on a Knights of Columbus thread. I’m wondering if it is actually permitted to scrutinise these organisations here in regard to accountability?

The National Catholic Reporter is not a reliable publication. It also is beginning to look from your posts like you have an agenda against both the Knights of Columbus and the United States.


You accused the Knights of Columbus of being associated with the Masons. Considering that we’re not, we didn’t particularly like the allegation.

Do you have any sources for your claims that aren’t questionable?


How about scrutinizing the pro-death stance of environmentalist organizations that you support?

The article was really a bit vague about the problem they are trying to solve for. The article stated that there was nothing immoral or illegal. So what specific problem(s) exist that need to be fixed in your opinion?

The article doesn’t even really complain about anything specific, it just basically says that conservatives are putting money into American Catholic organizations, and acts like we should see how that obviously is a bad thing (which I guess it would be for their own audience, but for Catholics that are actually faithful, it’s a bit of a joke).

Translation of the article: US Catholic organizations are supporting Catholic doctrine on issues like abortion, homosexuality, contraception, and we don’t like it.

EDIT: This is also a timely article:

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I was thinking this too.

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