Catholic novels

Hi All,

I remember a time when there were a great deal of novels being published that put forward Catholic themes. Remember AJ Cronin? Whatever happened to the likes of Evelyn Waugh? Even though Graham Greene was often lambasted by the odd clergyman, the themes and messages in his books were positively provoking and made the reader think hard about their faith and strenghten their resolve. The point was that these books didn’t sell because the author was Catholic, they sold first because they were excellent and had a broad appeal.

I recently came across a writer called Frank de Sales who seems to be doing much of the promoting of a Catholic outlook and way of life in a book called Devil’s Island. He differs to the earlier writers mentioned in that his work seems aimed at teaching catechism to the completely unitiated and the subject matter is often violent. He says he has to compete with Tarrantino. Does anybody know anything about his work (it only goes onto Amazon apparently in a few weeks but is available from a distributor now) or other contemporary Catholic authors?

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