Catholic nurse sues hospital for making her assist abortion

This could be as big as Roe v. Wade.

Sorry. No one forced her to scrub in, walk into that room, hand the doctor instruments, etc.

She caved morally, under immense pressure and in fear of her job. Understandable. But no one FORCED her. She chose, however pressured she was, to go in that room and participate. She regrets it now, and is taking that out on everyone around her.

What she should have done was refuse, and then file a grievance with the union when she was unfairly fired or retaliated against.

I would lose my house, go on government assistance, whatever, before you could get me into a room to help you kill a child.

Wow. My sister is training to be a nurse. How we are being tested these days…God help us all.

i agree that no one should ever participate in an abortion (the murder of an innocent child), but i would disagree on your your interpretation that “no one forced her”.
She was forced by extraordinary pressures to participate in the unnecessary abortion by the “Catholic” hospital staff and no one should ever be put in that horrible position.**

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


While on the one hand I agree that she should have put her foot down and not participated, you have to consider the threshold for other cases. when it comes to discrimination or harrasement, the amount of “force” which could result in a law suit is extremely low. For instance a boss discussing religion could lead to a successful harrassment suit or a comment about the way another woman was dressed resulting in a harrassment suit.

I support her suing. But she could have refused to participate in the abortion.

The fact that this was a Catholic hospital is truly disgusting. I mean, what’s the reason to choose a Catholic hospital over any other if this is going on?

hello, why not just co-operate & go to confession afterwards?

I suppose that I want to know who held a gun to her head to force her into compliance? I also hope she wins…:thumbsup:

Obviously I think it is very wrong for a nurse to be threatened with their job in order to make them do a procedure against their morals. Obviously nurses and doctors should have a choice, and if they don’t feel right doing something they shouldn’t have to do it.

That being said, I think the nurse is just as at fault in this case. They did not MAKE her assist the abortion, she did that of her own free will. If they had held a gun to her head, then ok I understand. But in this case to me it shows that she morally caved in and did something she shouldn’t have just because of pressure for her job.

And the really ironic thing is by doing what she did she made it even worse for her case. If she had refused to do the procedure, not only would she have done the right thing, but if they had punished her, her case would have been even stronger. As it is now I seriously doubt she will win her case.

Did you read the article?

This was started as a Jewish hospital, but merged with St. Francis Care, a Catholic hospital in 1990.

I agree very disgusting that a Catholic hospital performs abortions.

I think we all understand she was under enormous pressure, but that does not excuse her actions. God does not ask us to be strong when it’s easy to be, we are called to be strong and stand up for what is right in all circumstances, no matter how difficult they may be. Especially in dark times like this, we need people who will lay it all on the line for what they believe.

I just want to point out that I am not putting all the blame on her. Obviously I think what the hospital did was incredibly disgusting, but you cannot take all blame from the nurse. She was weak, plain and simple. I think we should all pray that not only does she win her lawsuit, but that God forgives her for what she did.

Either a poor joke or you don’t understand what confession is.

This is kind of like those that support abortion by supporting those that support and vote for the abortion laws. Those voters are as guilty for promoting abortion as they do.

It is pretty obvious in the article that the nurse is remorseful, she is a devout Catholic who has an uncle who is a Bishop in the Phillipines. I would give odds she has been to confession truly remorseful. But as you read that article, there was immense pressure and from the history of how they treated this nurse, because of her views, may even have been set up.

The pro death group will pull out everything they have to try and make abortion main stream.

Actively assisting in an abortion incurs an automatic penalty of excommunication. It doesn’t even have to be pronounced by an official.

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