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I recently had my annual exam with my GYN. Because of my age and increasingly heavy periods he recommended a procedure that would basically destroy the lining of my uterus, thus stopping heavy periods and possibily eliminating them altogether.

Because the destruction of the lining makes pregnancy dangerous, (for the fetus, anyway, no place to imbed itself I guess) he strongly recommended, (and these words give me the shivers)… permanent sterilization to coincide with the above procedure.

Of course, I am not considering either one. I only have heavy periods. They are not painful and they do not render me home bound. They are just a nuisance.

I have no interest in any type of BC, not to mention anything permanent. :mad:

…and personally, and maybe this is denial, I don’t think 42 (my age) is terribly old. It’s not terribly young, either I admit.:rolleyes:

My GYN is a good doctor, but I wish he had a little more sensitivity to my position on this subject.

How many Catholic OBGYN’s are there out there and how do you find one?


For what it’s worth…I have a girlfriend about your age who just had the procedure you described for the same reason (though her problem caused significant interruption to her normal activity level). It was highly successful in treating the problem. Even though she is not Catholic and having more children was not an option she was entertaining any longer, it surprised me to learn it made her a bit sad to know she was closing the door permanently to that possibility.


I believe the best way to find one is to look on or maybe it’s – sadly, b/c the gov’t foots our bill, I’m stuck with whatever genius just fell off the turnip truck (I have not been impressed with the military OBGYN field…)


If you go to the CCL webiste and look up a teaching couple in your area, they may have a list of pro-life physcians in your area. That’s how I found mine. Hope that helps!


Here’s a web site with pro-life ob/gyn’s. Hopefully, you can find one close to your area:


Thanks for the replies everyone. I called my church and they were able to put me in touch with some parishioners that can help me too. I just wish the guy would have more respect for the decisions I’ve made and work with me from there. I’m tired of hearing “permanent sterilization” !!!


You are not going to believe this but I went to this website and looked in my area and the very doctor I am frusturated with is on that list!!! AAAgHHHH!!

Apparently pro-life means anti-abortion, but not no bc??


Yeah, that’s right. Those of us who don’t use ABC are regarded almost as insane by many (but fortunately not nearly all!) in the medical community. I once did an internet search to see if I could find Doctors who support NFP in my area. I found a website, but I can’t remember where anymore. I just used Google to search for “NFP doctors”.

Unfortunately, birth control pills, “permanent sterilization” and such are standard treatments because they are relatively quick and cheap, and most insurance companies have no problem paying for them. Other, more complicated (and therefore, more expensive) procedures that preserve one’s general health and ones fertility together are not as likely to be covered. This doesn’ t leave doctors a whole lot of room.

Anemia can often be a side effect of having heavy periods. May I suggest taking Iron supplements to prevent this? I know women who find this works for them when they have heavy periods. Of course, it’s always good to talk to your Dr. too. :slight_smile:

And you’re not in denial. 42 is not old. :slight_smile:


OP, 42 is not old at all! My fiancee’s mom has a 4 month old son to prove it. :slight_smile:

Have you always experienced heavy menstruation? Or is this new? Besides being worried about his faith and how it works with his profession, I would be worried that he is jumping to a simple way out. Has he tested you to see if you have any underlying cause, such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, an infection, a hormone imbalance? Has he even recommended a biopsy before undertaking this surgery and sterilization?

At least get a second opinion!


Oh-no! How disappointing. The culture of death is so misunderstood as a comprehensive issue. Good luck on your search. I hope you do find a doctor with a better opinion.



Yes, I get the impression that my doctor might think I’m insane, irresponsible, too puritanical, or some mix of the three.

Yes, I think he suggested the procedure as a quick fix. He jumped right to it. My periods are heavy and I hate them, but they don’t keep me at home - they’re manageable.

Iron supplements are a good idea - I’ll check into that…

…and thanks for saying 42 isn’t old. You’re my new best friend!


Yes, and my 42 year old best friend has a 4 month old daughter to prove it!!!

My periods have always been heavy. I was on the pill in my mis-spent youth - before I came around and grew spiritually - so they were light then AND I think my doctor remembers that and thinks I’m fickle as well. :frowning:

Anyway, no tests or anything, he just said all I had to do was call and schedule it and he’d do it.

I think I might send him John Martignoni’s “Marriage and the Eucharist” CD to listen to!


Polycarp Research Institute

*]How can a woman treat menstrual cramping and bleeding without taking the pill? [/LIST]


You might want to see if there are any independent midwives in your area (that is, not ones that work at a hospital as spare babycatchers so the OBs only have to wake up for high risk births). They sometimes have insights into treatments that don’t involve surgery (since they can’t operate) and often without drugs (CNMs can prescribe, but are often more conservative about it). My midwife (who I see for “well-woman” care, having switched to after one birth and before becoming pregnant again) isn’t even pro-life, but there are advantages to a prolifer like me. First, she doesn’t do abortions (not really her line of work). Second, I don’t have to look at ads for IUDs when I sit in her office. Third, if I tell her my luteal phases are short she a) knows what luteal phases are, b) believes me that I know these things about my own body, and c) suggests things like dietary changes or a darker bedroom instead of a pill.

Maybe not the solution for you, but I’ve been happy with midwife care so far. Plus, it’s less expensive than OBGYN care, so even though I have to pay her out of pocket I can do it. (Not as cheap as a co-pay, but doable, and worth it.)


I had the exact same situation. They tried to put me on every pill imaginable and then suggested burning the lining of my uterus and of course that meant a tubal. In the end I stopped going there and eneded up taking progesterone cream sold at health stores. I put a small amount of cream on twice a day for about a year and it really helped with symptoms.


Yes - my doc explained that after frying the lining, the could insert this little metal something to block my tubes. :frowning:


Thanks buffalo. I’ll look into that some more . I am allergic to Advil, but maybe Tylenol is OK>


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