Catholic of Protestant: Do you think Jesus is about to come to Earth again?

I think so because things are getting too crazy… and i don’t see how the wrath of God can be turned back any longer (The Virgin Mary, from what i’ve heard, holds back the hand of God from destroying our evil world… also the prayers of the Christians do this).

I know that if i were God i would have lost my patience a LONG time ago! (abortion, disrespect for human life … fornication now rampant/commonplace, homosexuality… etc…) :mad:

I know the RCC doesn’t take the same positiion on end-time matters that Protestants do but i still think a lot of the non-Catholics are right when they say that Jesus is about to return…

your thoughts?

I do not believe Jesus is returning any time soon. He returns and is found in his people…that’s why we are called his body…the church is his physical presence on Earth…we are his only hands to move in love…his only feet to share peace…his only voice to offer comfort…he has no others.

We should be living in the eschatological present. We live in the eschatological New Creation of the First Day. He is truly present among us already…in each other.


i meant to say SOON and not AGAIN!!


well, in that case, i mean, if the love of humans was all i had to prove whether Christ came 2000 yrs ago… i would be thinking he must never have made it (the first time)… .


We should be living in the eschatological present. We live in the eschatological New Creation of the First Day. He is truly present among us already…in each other.

i find Him more at the Real Presence than in other people. You would have to have walked a mile in my shoes to know why i have not often found Him in human beings… :eek: but suffice it to say… If you were to ask me, i would say there are very few real true Christians in the world…

Wanna found out if someone is a true Christian? Ask him/her to do somethign for you… doesn’t have to be a big favor… in fact, it would be better if it wasn’t… Most Christians do NOT want to go 2 inches out of their way to help someone in need… They probably tend to think (gen speaking) that if you are down and out its your own fault and you must not be following Christ too carefully or you would never need anything…

Anyway… if you try this little experiment… (which should be with a stranger, by the way)… let me know how it turns out…

you might get lucky the 1st time… but keep doing it… 9 times out of 10 the person will make some excuse as to why he/she can’t help…

as an addendum to last post, there is joke I heard once:

****One priest says to another:

Why do you have such thick lenses in your glasses? Are you going blind?

Other priest:

No, i strained my eyes trying to see Jesus in other people…


First, not all protestants. Lutheran end-times thought is quite similar to Catholic.

I really don’t speculate on the matter, but all I can say is, Come Lord Jesus.


Jesus did say that if he didn’t shorten the last days, literally all would be lost. He also said that when He came again, would He find faith anywhere on earth? Perhaps things are being sped up because of this.

I recently had this discussion with a non-denominational preacher friend of mine.
We discussed the state of the world, people’s values, and the “signs” that are supposed to signify the “end times”. We came to the conclusion that the world is still imperfect and that we both serve a loving and merciful Father. But, if you look at it from the point of view of a father, if you were going someplace (like a trip) and you told all the kids the plan and to be ready to go…wouldn’t you wait until all the children were on the bus, in the van, etc…

All of the children are not on the bus yet…

There are so many that haven’t heard the news of Jesus. There are still more that have heard the news but are stubbornly avoiding embracing it. I believe we should always be watchful, and ready as our Lord commanded us. Meanwhile we should have faith in a loving, forgiving, merciful Father. We should share, live and spread the good news to all we can, while we can. We are part of the body of Christ and we should be carrying out His work, building the Kingdom.

As I remember the joke: A priest asks his bishop, “what should we do when the Lord comes?” The bishop replies, “by all means…look busy!”

Jesus is already here - and always has been.

I think they mean His coming again, in HIs glorified body at the end of the world.

thanks… i had forgotten about that (the 1st thing)…

hmm… sped up because of what?:confused:

oh… because of all the sin?

well, he’s been in the RCC for about 2000 yrs…
The Father’s Spriit is everywhere (in nature, in man)
But JEsus is in the Church…

and The will of God, which must be done in order to get to Heaven, is accomplished through Him (Isaiah…). … and Him only.

It seems as though the culture is going down hill very rapidly, shockingly so. Even good, holy people are tempted to sinful attitudes. Another generation, and it will all be so ingrained in the culture, I don’t see how anyone can spiritually survive. I wonder if this is being permitted deliberately.

Well put:)

The thing is…Christians have been saying this exact same thing for 2.000 years: “Jesus will return in our lifetime - look at the corruption of the world.”. The first Christians definately thought so, as Scripture reveals to us.

Is my point now that it’s uncertain whether or not Jesus will return?
NO!!! He will!

My point is that it is not our job to speculate as to when. We need to live our lives as if He could come at any moment…because He CAN. But I don’t buy into the “The world is so evil today that Jesus will come soon!”. The world’s been evil for 2.000 years, and only He knows how long before that.

Nothing new under the sun…except for the fact that modern mass media now allow us a fuller picture of the evils across the world than our ancestors had.

I don’t think we’re forbidden to think about it, speculate or talk about it. Just not too much, or take anyone’s opinions too seriously.

If I were God, I would kill off the entire human race & start again from scratch - but, like you, I’m not :smiley: There was plenty of abortion, fornication & homosexuality in the past - but no Second Coming. BTW, they were all practiced BC as well as AD. Besides, why emphasise sexual things only ? The Prophets didn’t, nor did Jesus. They were angered by very different, & often highly respectable, forms of wickedness, many of which are common among Christians & have been for a long time.

I know the RCC doesn’t take the same positiion on end-time matters that Protestants do but i still think a lot of the non-Catholics are right when they say that Jesus is about to return…

your thoughts?

The world has always been in a mess - today is no different from the past in that respect; and every false prophet who worked out when Jesus would come was able to point to all the same signs of unrest in the world as today’s false prophets. That’s how life is, how it always was, how it always will be: people will be saying how dreadful the state of the world is and how the coming of Christ “must” be just around the corner for the next million years - & they will be as completely wrong as all their equally confident predecessors.

People who imagine that the Second Coming is imminent would do themselves - & the rest of us - a great favour by reading earlier “proofs” that Jesus would return in 1843, or 1866, or some other date when He was definitely going to return: but didn’t. They were as certain as those who said he would come in 1988, or 1992, & they were every bit as utterly wrong.

These attempts to second-guess God & to pry into matters He did not see fit to reveal even to the very first Christians have no effect but to make Christians look like idiots. :frowning: I predict that Jesus will not come back for a long, long time to come - & my prediction, unlike all those others, is absolutely guaranteed to be fulfilled. Not bad, for somebody who isn’t a prophet :slight_smile:

Abso-lutely :thumbsup:

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