Catholic Online Bible Study


I was wondering if there's a good online Bible study, preferably one with video or audio. So far I've found a couple, and I'm trying out one atm

I like it, but I feel like it doesn't serve me with proper explanations on certain subjects. So if you guys know of any good online Bible studies please post them here!


I, too, am interested. I'm not familiar with any interactive studies. I hope someone knows of some or even one. ;)


AWSOME site…many video lessons and a full breakdown of scripture.


Catholic Biblical School
A four-year program of intensive study covering the entire Bible.

Our approach to scripture is rigorous, scholarly and in conformity with the best of Catholic biblical tradition. The program, which is split into 12 modules over 4 years, is designed to fit into various schedules, with both online and onsite options. As a CBS student, you can strengthen your faith through a deeper knowledge of scripture.


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