Catholic online dating sites?


There are a lot of serious topics on this board, so I hope you don’t mind me adding one a little on the lighter side. :slight_smile:

I recently joined I was amazed out how many women don’t post their picture on their profile. Maybe a lot of guys do the same thing… I don’t know. Not putting your picture on an online site kind of defeats the purpose in my mind. I would think that most guys are like myself in that I’d never have any interest in someone who doesn’t post a picture. Maybe it is shallow on my part, but you have to at least find them a little cute to get things started.

Am I way off base in thinking that it is silly not to post at least one picture on your profile?


For me a picture does not matter. I am on Ave Maria. My thinking is outer beauty fades, its the personality I want to see in the profile to see if we might click. Too often I find a profile to be very generic , all they say is ’ faith family and friends ’ without giving any specifics of what they are about , or where they want to go in life. Often the only hint of their personality is their listed occupation.

Even with pictures I find they don’t capture the person, for example with a profile showing 4 or 5 pictures, often they don’t look like the same person, so I rather have details in a profile saying what is important to them beyond the obvious, than a picture.


Yes, outer beauty may fade, but there has to be some sort of attraction/interest there in the beginning for things to even start.

I guess I’m shallow. I won’t waste my time on someone who won’t post a picture. Part of the appeal of online dating is that you can cut through some of the normal BS a little quicker. I don’t want to play the game of wasting my time just to find out what they look like.


I agree on picture being important. Yes, it can be not very informative, but if you take a look, you can probably tell more about the circumstances.


Maybe women not posting pictures is their way of weeding out shallow men?


My view on whether someone has a picture on their profile on dating sites or not is their level of seriousness in finding someone. Many people join these sites and fill out a profile without putting up a pic or they give short answers to the forms used to describe oneself.

To me I would interpret that as someone who isn’t totally serious in finding someone or doesn’t care all that much. They are just on there to ‘see they can find’ or ‘test the waters’ etc. On the other hand someone who posts a picture and takes the time to complete a profile thoroughly gives the other person the impression they took the time and effort to do it and they are serious about finding a boyfriend/girlfriend.


I agree with Jay.


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