Catholic online stores?


I want to buy my FH a nice crucifix, art and/or statue as a wedding gift. The only actual store I know of is too far away, and I haven’t found much I like online. Any recommendations? TIA!


Best website I know of for religious gifts, and reasonable prices. Unfortunately, a lot of the cheaper stuff is only sold in bulk so pay attention when ordering.


I don’t know where you’ve already looked online, but I get the Leaflet Missal catalog and they have a website, They carry a ton of religious goods. also has a large selection. They are out of St. Louis but you can order online.


EWTN religious catolog has a lot of items and a portion of the sales go to support the network.


Has a very nice selection



great prices & quick service!

For prayer books:


I’ve also heard forum members recommend these guys as offering authentic stuff:


I have honestly had some very good experiences buying catholic items on ebay. You do have to be very careful about quality, but I have gotten some really pretty and sturdy vintage rosaries.


I like I also like I am also going to try to find you the name of the place in Montreal where I ordered the act of contrition holy cards I couldn’t find any place else. I figure, even with mail, Montreal is closer than Chicago.


I used to chat with Wendy from the cukierski site. They are a good resource but I don’t know if they have an Crucifixes.

One other site not mentioned yet is
like Wendy’s site it is a homebased business for a family and she has lots of good stuff on her web-site. is the page with the Crucifixes on it. You can totally trust these people.

Leaflet Missal has been a great source for me too but now I have a local Religious Goods store near me and I check there first, then go to either Leaflet or Totally Catholic :D.

Brenda V.


Another idea would be to check around at any local antique stores. I found a reasonably priced porcelain statue of Mary while browsing. You may stumble across a real treasure that way.


Thanks for the tips! I totally forgot about getfed and ewtn, I have checked them out before and totally blanked this time. It’s going to be hard to pick! :slight_smile:


There’s already plenty that have been shared, but here’s another one:

(click on gift shop)


Congrats on your upcoming wedding! :smiley:


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