Catholic ONLY after Constantine?


Constantine ordered the Council of Nicea right? And after that the Creed came out unifying ALL Christians under one banner right? So what is to stop a Protestant from claiming that out Church’s BDAY is after the Council of Nicea?


All they would have to see is that there was already a succession of bishops way before Constantine even called for the Council…all protestants would have to read the Early Church Fathers and see for themselves.

33 A.D. Pentecost
The birth of the church
The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church
The Catholic Church


Well, that makes the NT Canon of 382-400 “The Constantine Bible” followed by all Protestants.

More to the point, how many documented popes were there prior to 325??
What is the ONLY documented church that has popes before & after Constantine?

If Athanasius wasn’t a catholic bishop before the Council what church was he the bishop of?

What decrees came out of the council that were not already professed by the Christian Church before Constantine?

And finally,
Who ratified that Council…a Pope already seated.


It’s simply one of those untruths laid out by anti-Catholics. BTW, it is quite interesting that the Bible was compiled only after Constantine. So, does that invalidate the Bible then? More fun with these misunderstandings:


If you a non-Catholic who still wants to claim to be Christian you have to point to some point when the Church went wrong.

The Council of Nicea and Constantine are an obvious target, because it was then that the Church ceased to be an illegal organisation and acquired political power. As Catholics we don’t have to say that this is entirely wrong. Power has more temptations than powerlessness.


How about the verifiable fact that the Church held the same doctrines prior to Nicea.

Make anyone who makes this allegation prove his case with verifiable historical fact. They can’t do it.



Just look at the Early Church Fathers before the Council of Nicea and you will see that they are extraordinarily Catholic. Look at the dozen or so Popes who lived before the Council of Nicea. And most important of all, look at Jesus Christ who founded His Church and sent the Holy Spirit upon it 300 years before the Council of Nicea.

Slight correction. Athanasius didn’t attend the Council of Nicea as a Bishop. He attended as a deacon (one who gave major theological influence to the council). Deacon Athanasius attended the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. with his mentor Bishop Alexander, Pope of Alexandria. Deacon Athanasius would later succeed Bishop Alexander as Pope of Alexandria three years later in 328 A.D. :slight_smile:

Saint Athanasius pray for us.


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