Catholic opinions towards Putin and his recent actions.

From a Catholic view in your opinion, is he a good guy or not? He is a devout Orthodox and is passing laws that are in accordance with both the Catholic and Orthodox teachings. But what about his recent actions? Can they be morally justified?

I think I’ve seen you there but I want to let thread readers know that Catholic opinion runs the gamut:

I’m still discerning. It comes down to land rights, corrupt officials, and what the citizens want – and if the citizens define themselves ethnically our nationally.

What evidence do you have to support the idea that he is a devout Christian?
He is a former communist KGB operative. There was not room for any Christianity in that formation.

His current Christianity is about as sincere as Stalin’s was when the USSR was attacked by Hitler. Suddenly, Stalin released the priests from his gulags and had them lead patriotic movements to defeat Germany. This “religious revival” lasted only as long as it was useful.

What evidence do you have that he is not a devout Christian? Are you saying that God cannot convert a KGB operative?

His actions, and the actions of his regime.

No, but I am saying that he is not showing the “fruits of repentance.”

There has always been a lot of anti-Russian sentiment on these forums.

I always liked Putin, he is better than many world leaders.

None of us can see in his heart though, we don’t know his true feelings for God and Christianity.

The world’s press are about as biased as Goebbel’s propaganda films.

Comparing him to Hitler is just plain wrong, even Saddam Hussein wasn’t in Hitler’s league.

Putin is a hard man of the old order. He is relying on the large Russian population of the Crimea and the historic and economic ties with the naval base and numerous army bases scattered around the area to annex it to prop up his internal authority. His threat to cut off the gas supply shows his morality.
The movement to the West by the protest group that destabilized a democratically elected leader has allowed him to take the actions against the Ukraine he has with knowledge that a weak President like Obama and a demoralised America sick of war after a generation of conflict across the world is impotent to stop him.
Reminiscent of the annexation of Austria and the gaining of living space to protect the native Germans in Eastern Europe by Hitler, and as morally questionable.
Orthodox Christian? Hitler was nominally a Catholic.

What actions in particular? And how is he not showing the fruits of repentance? How did you get such an impression?

Putin was raised by a atheist father and Christian mother. In 1993 he had a religious awakening following a serious car crash of his wife. That happened before any “big” political role or candidature in Russia. He is passing some laws that are with accordance with the Russian Orthodox Church, like the famous “anti-gay” laws if we can call them that. In his “regime”, the Orthodox Church plays a big part. There is a lot of anti-Putin propaganda in USA, don’t let that affect your judgment.

I am furiously looking for the info on Putin’s baptism, his mothers’ faith, and the interview he had where he evaded the question about his faith.

I know both are buried in the Ukraine thread…

I think he is a pretty good leader. I don’t have much of an opinion on his personal life.

Coverage of Putin’s actions and those of his government agents have been rather thorough. I’m sorry if you have been insulated from them. He is still acting like a Stalinist KGB thug. And the Russian Orthodox Church, regardless of the fact that it was suppressed during the decades of Communism, is not exactly a proponent of the kind of religious and social freedom that has allowed the Catholic Church to flourish in the U.S.

For the record, I have a BA in the Russian language and an MA in Soviet Studies.

Excellent, concise analysis.

However, as concerns Crimea, if the upcoming election is a free and fair one, and if the result is that the majority of the population wants to join Russia, I would oppose blocking that reunion. I am a strong supporter of the right of populations to self-determination.

I liked Putin but somehow have always been wary of him given his past. The Holy Spirit can certainly change a heart and there are loads of history to back that (given some of our saints). His latest actions in the Ukraine really gave me pause. The fact that he is willing to cut off natural gas, as another poster stated, sadly shows his morality. So, while the Holy Spirit can change people I have to wonder if He has in Putin’s case.

Many of my friends are ga-ga over him. They often tell me he is so wonderful and so much more moral than most leaders. And they love to point out “you know he’s Catholic right ?” :shrug: My Catholic friends are in a waiting stance on opinions. I personally think we should be wary of any political leader.

ukraine is the underdog here.putin should withdraw his troops from crimea.its an invasion and aggression! if the russian speaking population want to affiliate with russia,then they should immigrate there and leave crimea for ukranians who are patriotic to their has been unraveled already that the ousted PM,was living a lavish lifestyle and stole billions of $$$ during his,it was a good riddance.i used to like putin,until this happened!

  1. Ethnically cleanse Crimea of Crimean Tatars
  2. Repopulate Crimea with Russian to permanently ensure Crimea remains Russia
  3. After ensuring Crimea is majority Russian get Crimea to vote whether they want to be Russian.
  4. Profit

Here’s the truth, this is a farce of justice.

He’d better move fast; he’s got only 10 days or so to neutralize the Tatars before the vote :stuck_out_tongue: And I’m not sure, but I think that Crimea already is majority Russian, even including the Tatars.

Actually I’m referring to Russian policy over the past five hundred years to secure a warm water port by any means possible. I was referring to how Crimea wound up majority Russian, well, I forgot the Holodomor.

Putin is a bad man. Period. I’m constantly confounded by people (here, there, everywhere) who are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. :confused:

Putin = Bad

This is getting tiresome. Whatever he has done that gives the appearance of favoring “Christian” teaching is totally irrelevant. I wouldn’t care if he were somehow made a patriarch of the Orthodox church. He’s a bad man!

Just because the so-called “liberal mainstream media” says he’s a bad man doesn’t mean that he’s a good man! I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Fox News *also *thinks he’s a bad man.

Ei, ei, ei…:frowning:

Putin is a devout Christian. He made several urges to Russians, to get religion back in their lives. With his help, Christianity there is growing. Putin’s party also proposed a law introducing prison for offences against religious symbols. I also believe the famous “anti-gay” laws if we can call them that, were accepted based on religion.

Most people here live in USA or the West for that matter, i live in the West too. So i understand there is a lot of anti-Putin propaganda, especially in the USA. I don’t know Putin but based on his actions, he seems like a good strong leader that any country needs. But probably we will see his true nature, whether he is a moral man or not, in the future.

If you want to understand Putin, you must understand Aleksandr Dugin. He is the master mind behind Putin as Saul Alinsky is the mastermind behind Obama.

Dugin is trying to form a new movement with everything that characterized Russia during the past century. Totalitarianism, strong military, moralism and the feel of the “Mother Russia” used by Stalin during the WW2.
As a whole, this movement is just an refurbish of the Soviet Union but with a new face.
This movement is not only Russian, but many allies of the Soviet Union are now together again with this movement.

They call it “Eurasian Movement”

There are 3 groups that is looking for control of the world… The first is the one I just described. You could clearly see Russia and her friends like China acting together against the Islamic group during the so called “Arab Spring” and the Syrian Civil War.

I think that the Islamic group is self-evident and everybody here knows how they work.

The last group is the Bildenberg group. This group does not have any military or nation, but it has the media, schools, the White House and the UN. This group is actively engaged in the destruction of everything that holds the western civilization together. One example of this group’s acting is the creation of the “universal church”. You can know by reading the book “Poder Global y Religión universal” by Monsenhor Juan Claudio Sanahuja.

These 3 groups may fight or make deals with each other.

Here is a small least of books that may help you to get a clear image of what is going on:

Foundations: Their Power and Influence by Rene A. Wormser
About the Rockfeller actions on 40’s and 50’s.

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson
Title says it all

Thieves’ World: The Threat of the New Global Network of Organized Crime by Claire Sterling by Claire Sterling
Shows most of the local Russian mafias where already unified under a bigger Mafia, which is the KGB.

Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati and Reading Societies
Shows that inside the Freemansons there are groups with the objective to make the Freemasonry a weapon against the Western Civilization

In the Shadows of the Koran by Sayyid Qutb
The author is a thinker behind the Islamic brotherhood. He explicitly says that the Islamic has the duty to try to take down a non-Islamic government in his country

The fraudulent gospel: Politics and the World Council of Churches by Bernard Smith
Explains how the World Council is a organization with anti-civilization intents.

I could list way more books, but this is enough to get you on the tracks. If you want to know more, here is the full list with books about all sorts of things:

As you can see, the list is in Portuguese, but you can use Google Translate if you want to.

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