Catholic, Orthodox leaders blast Bulgarian gay pride march [CWN]

A joint letter signed by five Bulgarian Catholic and Protestant leaders has denounced a June 27 gay pride march in Sofia. "As representatives of Christian religion in Bulgaria we want …


what’s the big deal about a parade? I guess I just don’t understand. Chicago manages to hold a gay pride parade every year without incident. The Cardinal doesn’t get all bonkers about it, the Orthodox don’t fret over it, and the politicians either ride in it or send reps. It’s just no big deal.

Apart from the fact it’s promoting a major sin, why have one in the first place? Are they saying “I’m proud of taking it up the …”? It’s daft.

Homosexuality is all witty repartee and fashion sensibility until you realise what these chaps actually, physically do of a Friday night. Then it takes on a darker character.

What a world! You can almost feel the Good Lord rolling up His sleeves when you see something like this.

Crazy, just crazy. God have mercy on us all.

I don’t see the big deal with that either? Does it differ from women taking it up their special places? And what about the lesbians? They don’t do things all that different from straight couples (depending on the lesbian couple of course and what kinds of kinks they’re into).

Please, sir, I recommend you read the clear Church teaching about homosexuality. Pope Benedict has spoken about the problem of Indifference in the world, including the Catholic community.

“What’s the big deal?” is just not an appropriate response.


I’m not Catholic, as my sigline indicates.

Pope Benedict has also not suggested that pride parades be cancelled. He wants for Catholics to recognize the sinful nature of homosexual sexual relations, while recognizing the full civil rights of homosexual people.

I do not call recall Pope Benedict being for Gay Pride events. Can you cite a source for this?

In the past, the Chief Rabbi of Israel has contacted the Pope about this matter:


Ed, that isn’t what A_Cermak said. She wrote that Pope Benedict hasn’t called for Gay Pride events to be canceled. It’s an important difference.

Yes, and no. The pope is opposed to recognizing gay marriage, or even civil unions, and as Cardinal Ratzinger signed a document calling for all Catholics to work against those things.

But, yes, he is opposed to unjust treatment of homosexuals. What exactly that means, in light of the Catholic Church’s opposition to gay marriage, is unclear.

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