Catholic, Orthodox leaders speak out against gay pride parade

Christian leaders in Odessa, Ukraine’s fourth-largest city, have called upon the city’s mayor to prevent a gay pride parade from taking place on August 15.Ukrainian Orthodox and …


It has already been banned by the court

They say in their joint statement:

“A society that accepts homosexuality is doomed to extinction,” they continued. “Homosexuality kills true love and gives rise to hatred; it leads to the inevitable degradation of an individual; it is the reason for many, including incurable diseases. Homosexuality is a sin.”

They are wrong on all these counts.
A small percentage of people have been homosexual since people began…and we are still here.
These “leaders” should learn math; 4-5 percent of humans who may or may not have biological children will not make this overpopulated society extinct.

And the Catholic church does not teach any of the above about homosexuality, including that it is a sin.

Shame on them.


Gays have always been there it is true. But never never in the world history were they proud of being openly gay

I’m not 100% sure, but I respectfully challenge this statement. I think they very much do claim that homosexual acts are sinful, along with all sexual acts outside of a heterosexual marriage.

You obviously don’t believe in sin, but you call down shame on the Church for committing a sin? Sounds contradictory to me.

I don’t understand how homosexuality is supposed to lead to extinction? I mean aren’t homosexuals just supposed to not be having sex? So if they don’t have sex anyway, what difference does the fact that they exist really make? Especially in places like Africa where they are sometimes hunted down and killed (who is being made extinct)?

I mean, I get it why some people wouldn’t like the parades (I never go either because I don’t like the extremists), but man can’t they understand that just because someone isn’t like them doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t just be left alone? Instead, when they say stuff like that they just end up making people mad enough to become extremists. Just leave people alone to do their own thing and let’s just try to respect each other!

If you are going to say shame at least accurately address the statement.
What they said was

“A society that accepts homosexuality is doomed to extinction

Note that they said “accept” not that there are no homosexuals in society.
Note that says kills society not the population.

We understand that the views of the LGBT community are their personal choice,” they added. “However, promoting and imposing antibiblical and antitraditional views is unacceptable and leads to the destruction of our society … We pray for the salvation of these people so that the light of Divine Truth enlightens their minds.”

It isn’t necessary to always state the difference of the act with tendencies. It is obvious that they are referring to the act which is “intrinsically disordered” and a grave (mortal) sin.

Accepting homosexuality doesn’t mean accepting homosexual acts.

And being homosexual is not a sin.

That is the issue. I have worked with LGBT persons at a major hospital in the past. One employee went from being a woman to being a man. I stood behind her in the hospital cafeteria at the time. There was no outcry or announcement. I also knew and witnessed a lesbian chasing a bisexual young lady during a late shift. I asked the bisexual woman what was going on. She replied that the lesbian was trying to start a relationship with her but she refused. And that was the end of it. Since it was between the two of them, my only thought was, “Oh well.”

Now, the concept of personal privacy has been abandoned by some LGBT persons and blanket accusations are being made. “Stop being homophobic” on CNN to all. The LGBT publication, the Advocate, almost always starts news articles with “anti-gay,” “anti-trans” or other derogatory remark in the headline of the article. They publish photos and names of, for example. “fist openly bi person elected” to important position in government or elsewhere. Why should I know this?

Now, the demand is to make LGBT behavior normative in society. It’s happening in public schools.

I don’t care if half my neighbors are LGBT - one cannot tell just by how they dress. Just keep it out of my face, please. And leave little kids alone. This is not similar to teaching Anglo kids how to live like Spanish people.


glad to see a society taking a stand against this sin

When I lived in Russia, I perceived myself as liberal and tolerant. I saw only one side of evil: authoritarism, artificial imposition of traditional value, xenophoby.
Living here, in the West, I got to know the other side of evil…

Unfortunately, it never seems to work out that way. Historian Paul Johnson was sympathetic to the original homosexual cause and bought into their rhetoric:

There were a great many of us, in the 1960s, who felt that there were grave practical and moral objections to the criminalization of homosexuality, and therefore supported, as happened in most Western countries, changes in the law which meant that certain forms of homosexual behavior ceased to be unlawful. Homosexuality itself was still to be publicly regarded by society, let alone by its churches, as a great moral evil; but men who engaged in it, within strictly defined limits, would no longer be sent to prison. We believed this to be the maximum homosexuals deserved or could reasonably expect. We were proven totally mistaken. Decriminalization made it possible for homosexuals to organize openly into *** a powerful lobby***, and it thus became a mere platform from which further demands were launched. Next followed demands for equality, in which homosexuality was officially placed on the same moral level as standard forms of sexuality; and dismissal of identified homosexuals from sensitive positions, for instance schools, children’s homes, etc., became progressively more difficult. This was followed in turn by demands not merely for equality but privilege: the appointment, for instance, of homosexual quotas in local government, the excision from school textbooks and curricula, and university courses, passages or books or authors they found objectionable, special rights to proselytize, and not least the privilege of special programs to put forward their views – including the elimination of the remaining legal restraints – on radio and television. ***Thus we began by attempting to right what was felt an ancient injustice and we ended with a monster in our midst, powerful and clamoring, flexing its muscles, threatening, vengeful and vindictive towards anyone who challenges its outrageous claims, and bent on making fundamental – and, to most of us, horrifying – changes to civilized patterns of sexual behavior. *** – Historian Paul Johnson

In short, nature abhors a vacuum.

To everyone:

It seems one can rationalize almost anything.


Yes, the late 1960s, the beginning of the 5 year plan that brought the deformity of human sexuality into our lives, followed by a steady, but gradual increase in the amount of sexual content in movies, TV and other media, year after year, drop by drop, until the West became overwhelmed by poison. Spiritual poison. You can get out of the prison the media built for all of us.

“Do your own thing” is dead. It is bankrupt. “radical individualism” is the problem.


One homosexual reviewer said the book made him “want to throw up.” Strange that the thought of sodomy doesn’t.

Because you know from his review what his view on sex is…

Then he needs to get some professional help.

Why? Because he wrote a review of a book he didn’t like?

No. Because he is revolted at what the book said but not the thought of two men in bed sodomizing each other.

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