Catholic - Orthodox marriage: anyone with experience?

Is there anyone here who is Orthodox and married to a Catholic, or the other way around?

I know one such family at my Orthodox church, he is Czech and she is Polish. They have three kids, they’re a very good family. They were married in our Orthodox church, and all the kids were baptized there. Another lady at my parish is married to a Catholic, they’re been together for decades, but she comes to church all the time without him…

When I was in the Byzantine Catholic Church, I knew a man whose wife was Orthodox. He came to Liturgy everyday with his young son, while his wife attended the Orthodox Church. They did not seem to have problems with it.

I was married to an Irish Catholic for 20 years and I am Greek Orthodox. We got married in my Church in Fairview New Jersey. He did not convert to G.O. and remained a Catholic.

Because of circumstances which are very private, we did not have any children.

We both participated in both Churches without any problems.

My brother who is also a Greek Orthodox married a Roman Catholic lady in Branchburg, NJ. They got married at her Catholic Chuch and they have 5 kids.

4 kids are baptised in the Catholic Church and 1 in the Greek Church.

They’ve been married for 15 years now and no conflict.

My cousin in South Jersey is Greek Orthodox and married a Roman Catholic lady in Freehold, NJ in a Greek Church. They have 1 child who is 14 and she was baptised in the Greek Church. His wife is still a Roman Catholic. They’ve been married for 25+ years and no conflict.

Quite a few members of my family is mixed between Greek Orthodox and Catholic.

We get along just fine! :smiley:

It’s nice because we attend Catholic Mass weddings & Christenings and G.O Mass weddings & Christenings and sadly to say funerals as well.

That’s great to know! :slight_smile: Very encouraging, thanks. :slight_smile:

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