Catholic Orthodox marriage.


If a practicing Catholic married a practicing Russian Orthodox in a Orthodox Church ceremony without dispensations from there Catholic Bishop in their home country would the marriage be valid? This assumes both are eligible for marriage etc.


I have heard it both ways. One priest said that since we are so close to the Orthodox that the papers were not required. Other places I have seen that yes you need to get the dispensation.

I would cal my Catholic bishop and ask him. He would have the definitive answer for a member of his diocese.


Check out this link, it deals directly with marriage with an Orthodox member of the faith.
As a general rule, Orthodox Churches require that their members marry with the blessing of an Orthodox priest and do not envisage a non-Orthodox service. Unless pastoral and human considerations indicate otherwise, a marriage between a Catholic and Orthodox Christian may take place in the church of the Orthodox party, provided a dispensation from canonical form is first obtained from the Catholic Ordinary, through the Office of Canonical Services.

You can read more about it if you go to the link


I don’t think it would be allowed by the Orthodox priest.


On the contrary it is very common. A large percentage of the families in my parish are mixed.

We even have a Roman Catholic deacon’s family, the mother is Orthodox and the children are raised Orthodox. They were members of the parish before he became ordained.

We call her Matushka just as if her husband was one of our own deacons. :slight_smile:


This has me thinking. Would it be acceptable to the Orthodox if the situations was reversed. If an Orthodox deacon was married to a Catholic and their children were being raised Catholic.


It is entirely up to the bishop.

My bishop might. We also have quite a few celibate clergy in our diocese, they don’t have Orthodox families either! The big question IMO is if the family can tolerate all the extra time the father is committing to the church.

It really would not work as well for priests though, the Matushka shares in the ministry of a priest in a special way and I doubt that most bishops would think it wise to ordain a priest with a non-Orthodox wife and children being raised outside the Faith. I wouldn’t think so myself.


I’m confused. I thought the Orthodox rejected the validity of the catholic apostolic succession, no? Doesn’t this mean form the EO point of view, that the catholic seeking to marry an EO has never been confirmed, never received communion? Do the EO believe baptism can be administered by laymen even?

Would such a wedding have to be apart from the divine liturgy then?


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