Catholic & Orthodox Share the same Church in Ohio.

From the website:

“We are presently renting space from a Catholic Church but The Roman Catholic Church and the Canonical Orthodox Churches are not in communion with one another and have not been since the Great Schism of 1054. Both the Roman Catholic Church and the Canonical Orthodox Churches continually pray, that one day, this may end.”

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The church that is being used is NOT a Roman Catholic church. It is a Byzantine Catholic that is already equipped with an ikonostas which makes it useable for Orthodox worship.

The Byzantine Catholic parish, St. John the Baptist has it’s own website:

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Perhaps you should read it again.
The quote (which is directly from their site) does not say the Church is a Roman Catholic Church.

Perhaps you should read it again.

It says Catholic Church and to 99% of Americans, this means Roman Cathbolic which the church is not… and it is a GORGEOUS chuch… have been there many, many times…

Why are you being so hostile? It was just meant to be a story about Catholics and Orthodox sharing a church. Not sure why it made you get so worked up. Maaaan, sorry. :rolleyes:

Here’s a better example:

These Orthodox guests have the courtesy of referring to their hosts by name, rather than skipping over them altogether (or worse).

Are these Eastern Catholic Churches where the Antiochene EO are meeting Melkite Churches?


No. Both are Ruthenian.

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