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Is there a Catholic Orthodox that allows their priests to get married? I was on the website of what I thought was a Catholic church and then I was reading it was an Orthodox church and their pastor is married with two small children. Huh?

The Eastern Catholic Churches those in Communion with the Pope] do have married priests - BUT the priest has to marry before ordination. If he’s not married then he has to remain celibate - he may not marry after Ordination.

The Orthodox not in communion with the Pope ] also have married priests - again they marry before Ordination .

Should the priest’s wife die occasionally exceptions may be made for him to marry again , but normally in both the Eastern catholic and Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox ] Churches the priest would not be permitted to marry again - i.e. he would remain celibate.

Just a clarification, the marriage must take place before the ordination to the diaconate, not the ordination to priesthood.

And one more clarification - no married person may be consecrated a Bishop.

Q: priests in the Eastern rites or Orthodox, can get married at anytime then?

No, only before they are ordained. Ordained men may not marry, but married men may be ordained.

What wasn’t clear about my post? I said they can only get married prior to being ordained a deacon. That is not “anytime”.

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