Catholic overtones in Michael W. Smith's music?

Hi everyone. Have you ever noticed the Catholic overtones in Michael W. Smith’s music? Take a look at the song “Lord Have Mercy” as one obvious example. Remember the part of Mass where we says “Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy.” in response to the priest? Am I just imagining Catholic overtones to his music or does he seriously have some Catholic overtones to his music? If so, why? He’s a non-denominational minister isn’t he? :shrug::confused:

A Catholic ear will pick up on the Catholic message. My husband is convinced that Amazing Grace is totally catholic and there is nothing wrong with it. He can explain the words to fit Catholic teaching as can many others. Doesn’t make the original intent “Catholic”. Also there is some truth in protestantism and some overlap of liturgy etc. It’s bound to come out in some praise and worship music . I haven’t heard any talk of his conversion if that is what you are wondering.

Well, I see much more heavy Catholic overtones in Michael W. Smith’s music than I do in most other Christian Contemporary Music. So yeah, I kind of was wondering if he wasn’t planning to convert or something. :o

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