Catholic Parish in Dallas

I will be moving to Dallas in a couple months. Shortly after I get there, I’ll be starting RCIA. I’ve heard that some Dallas parishes are, sadly, rather poor, especially for someone in my position. So, I’m hoping to find an orthodox parish with a good RCIA program to live near as soon as I arrive in town. I’ll be working downtown, so places relatively close to there (10 min drive or so), would be ideal. Does anyone have any good advice or suggestions for me?

I think you really fall in love with this parish. Check out the website.

Close to downtown Dallas, I would recommend St. Thomas Aquinas. It’s near the intersection of Mockingbird and Abrams, and has traditional architecture. Fr. Libone gives homilies true to the magesterium, and the choir sings in the back on the balcony. There is also an altar rail, and the times I have been to Mass there (no offense ladies), I have only seen altar boys.

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