Catholic parish supports gay pride



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If I were the bishop of that parish I would immediately dismiss that pastor and send him to a convent as a spiritual director or place him outside the parish boundaries.



No comment,except to triple check all facts before you believe anything.
Isn’t “lifesitenews” like the Catholic version of “naturalnews”…IE : promoting fear mongering,halftruths, and twisting truths since 1800…:rolleyes:

I’m not suggesting that this isn’t true or is true.I’m just suggesting that we always have to use caution and fact check because there are a lot of dubious websites out there-both in religion plus health etc…


Maybe the parish is trying to reach out to gays with love in order to get the truth to them. Ostricizing and shutting out sinners certainly never helped their spiritual condition.


"Saint Joseph’s Young Adult Faith Community
University Mass at Ottawa’s Saint Joseph Parish

An invitation to the Capital Pride Parade

You are invited to join the Capital Pride Parade on August 28th, 2011, at 1:00PM.

We march every year, because we want to tell the Pride Parade’s participants and viewers that it is possible to live in integrity as a person of faith, who is both gay and deeply spiritual. We believe that there is a place for everybody at Christ’s table.

Please join us at the Pride Parade and help make this message heard. All people have the same gift of love to share! Following the march, at 2:00PM, the group invites participants to the St. Joe’s Supper Table (151 Laurier Street East) for light snacks and refreshments. This event is sponsored by the University of Ottawa’s Gay Catholics, Christians and Allies Group (GCCA)."

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It does seem rather odd for a Catholic group to participate in this because i though’t “gay pride” events were associated with the promotion of gay lifestyle.
The Catholics involved may not be promoting that,and possibly want to spread the message that it is possible to be gay(in feelings) while spiritual/Catholic but choosing the event of “pride parade” seems abit of an odd venue to do so due to what pride parades usually represent/promote.
Some would suggest that it is blurring the Churches message & that these people,by association with the parade would be seen as promoting a certain lifestyle
The group,i assume might suggest that where is a better place the a pride parade to get their message out to homosexual people due to the large numbers in attendance.
Hmm,i don’t know.:shrug:


I'm currently looking into this, as I live in the same city. I will say that;

1) Our Bishop is solid. He's the same one who canceled a D&P speaker due to his "questionable" support of certain organizations and methods (ie; dude was pro-choice).
2) This is likely being looked at closely. And I'm saying this in a good way.


I find it very upsetting, there seems to be a movement of gay club’s in Catholic colleges. Why is the Archbishop not disciplining this parish? O this is why he see’s nothing wrong with haven gay feelings or same sex attraction. Third paragraph , last line.


Every diocese needs a parish that proactively reaches out to people who may be lapsed Catholics, people who may have felt hurt, dismissed, unwelcome in the past by church communities. St. Joseph’s Parish in Ottawa plays a key role in bringing people back, engaging those who are not active in any other parish. I suspect that the archbishop understands this.

The Parish’s mission statement is very clear when it comes to serving and reaching out in solidarity to the marginalized:


No it is not!


If you live in Ottawa, why not visit St. Joe’s and see what it’s all about, rather than simply reading an article on the internet and assuming the worst. The church’s doors remain wide open Monday through Friday, from 8:30AM until 5:00PM, and you’ll always see people in quiet prayer, meditation, or using the church’s healing centre. It is an ancient Catholic tradition that all are welcome. St. Joe’s has a long tradition of open doors and showing solidarity with all those who are marginalized or who feel hurt and disaffected.


The may be having some problems clearly communicating their mission, then. :rolleyes:

These were comments posted on the page for St. Joseph’s young adult faith community. They reported represent how parishioner see the parish.

■Equal partners ( women – men, lay-religious; young-old) parish members make decisions, take responsibility are accountable – no clericalism

That’s a problem since the pastor is supposed to make decisions and be held accountable.

■A dogma-free place and community of worship, a faith-celebratory place

hmmm “dogma free”? Aren’t the dogmas non-negotiable?

■Warmth, lay homilies, liturgical dance, beautiful music

Lay homilies. :eek: Liturgical dance. :frowning:

■A tall drink of water in a desert church


They definately have an opinion and aren’t afraid to share it. :smiley:

That being said, Lifesite has some good sources. I have yet to see a Lifesite story where I couldn’t easily access the primary source documents. In the case of the OP’s topic, two clicks took me to the site of the sponsoring group where I could read the story directly.

Lifesites facts are rarely wrong while their conclusions are sometimes slanted or pre-mature. They don’t claim to be FoxNews. :wink:


Yes, St. Joseph’s Parish offers lay reflections on most Sundays, including at university mass and during 9:30am and 11:30am mass. This is a long-standing tradition at the parish–the parish priest usually prepares a homily once every four or five weeks. The church encourages lay reflections at all other masses.


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Yes, St. Joseph's Parish offers lay reflections on most Sundays, including at university mass and during 9:30am and 11:30am mass. This is a long-standing tradition at the parish--the parish priest usually prepares a homily once every four or five weeks. The church encourages lay reflections at all other masses.


Lay reflections **after **a homily given by a **priest or deacon **are fine if there is a good reason. Lay reflections **instead of **a homily by a priest or deacon are not permitted -- long standing tradition or not. (but I am guessing you knew that)

It sounds like this parish has gone a bit beyond "reaching out" and straight into creating its own version of the liturgy.


Awesome. :smiley: This is exactly what the Church needs.

On the other hand, there’s a lot about the LGBT culture that doesn’t really promote chastity. I feel like instead of going to a gay pride parade, they could do something in support of gay marriage within the Church?


Do you understand the teachings of the Church? I ask that and wonder because the Church will never support same sex “marriage.” If you understand the teachings of the Church, then you know that.


I'd would like to point about that being gay is not all about sex, there is more to it from a gay's perspective.

I'd also like to point out that Blessed Newman was by his own admissions very much emotionally and spiritually attached to Ambrose St. John (dare I say love?). This is not to say that there was anything at all sexual going on between them. I do remember reading Blessed Newman saying that he never committed a mortal sin since his priestly vocation, this was after Ambrose St. John's death so presumably he was thinking about that if neither of them mortally sinned they would be reunited in Heaven. Also I find what he wrote about St. John very cute "I have ever thought no bereavement was equal to that of a husband's or a wife's, but I feel it difficult to believe that any can be greater, or any one's sorrow greater, than mine." And then of course wanting to be buried in the same grave, so very touching.

(I am not saying Blessed Newman was gay BTW)


But i thought that was what is the Catholic Churches teaching anyway-IE:that same sex attraction feelings that “gay people” have is not sin,and the Church distinguises between feelings vs acting on feelings?


LifesiteNews=fearmongering,NaturalNews=fearmongering,Foxnews=:whacky:groan…why do they even have to exist??

Sorry,if i’ve offended any supporters:imsorry:

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